An Update on Fax To E-mail Scams

A while ago the Job Mail team informed you about the Fax Ploy that has been doing its rounds among Job Mail users. Today we’re updating you about Fax to E-mail Scams due to a request from a user that it will be handy to have a list of fax numbers used in these type of scams. Thanks for your recommendation David.

You might be asking “So, how does this Fax to E-mail Scam work again?” Well, it’s quite simple to explain. A fake recruiter posts a position that is available (which doesn’t really exist). The fake recruiter requests that job seekers fax their Curriculum Vitae (or CV) to a fax number. The fax number is set up to rack up charges higher than the standard rates. So, once a job seeker sends their CV to this fake recruiter they will be charged on their phone bill at a very high rate.

Please take of the following when it comes to Fax to E-mail Scams: 

  1. The e-mail address that the request will come from will usually contain “noreply” before the “@”.
  2. These persons will ask job seekers to fax unnecessary documents.
  3. The fax number will usually start with 086
  4. The fax number will be the ONLY way you can contact them. No alternative way to contact them will be listed.
The following 27 fax numbers have been reported to the Job Mail team as numbers that are used in Fax to E-mail Scams:

























To avoid being caught by this scam: Always verify your source of inquiry, check that the company is registered to operate and make sure that the fax number is not the only way you can reach the recruiter.  Also trust your gut feeling or golden instinct. If someone sounds fishy, chances are that is it fishy.

If you have any details about Fax to E-mail Scams or any other scams that you encounter via the Job Mail website, please contact our consultant Rose. You can reach her telephonically via 012 3423840 x2620 (during office hours) or via e-mail at

Take note: It’s safer for job seekers to apply online via the Job Mail site for positions. If you’re using the “Apply” button on a Job Mail verified advert you have direct access to approved job positions and authorized recruiters. The Job Mail team is making a huge effort to ensure that  recruiters and employers are legitimate on the Job Mail website.

In order to apply online, you need to be a registered Job Mail user. Once you’ve applied, recruiters / employers will get an email with your online Job Mail CV.

Also note that most Job Mail recruiters have access to our system so they’ll be searching for CV’s when they are looking for specialized qualifications and skills, so make sure that your CV on Job Mail is updated.

We trust that you’ve found the information in this post to be useful. Please spread the word about Fax to E-mail Scams by sharing this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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12 Responses

  1. Marcaveli says:

    Thanx again for an alert on fax 2 email scam i’ve been a victim for longtime. Thanxs to jobmail we love guys and we will spread the inteligent. Marry christmust to and wishing you a properous new year.

  2. Christinah R Masangu says:

    I think i have came across that scam lately thise past 2day,they called themself oil rig and they are asking me money too,the sum of R965 befor i get the thank you for alerting me about them.

  3. Lindie says:

    I was scammed not once but many times. I’ve been looking for a job in vanderbijl now since march I have fax cv out to so many different numbers I’ve have it cost me more than a thousand rand a month I couldn’t afford anymore. And this morning a recruiter with the name JRJA recruitment agency said I must pay them R500 and then they will register me and guarantee me a job 100%. That these kind of people can use people that really struggling to make ends meat is disgusting. Thanks for the warning much appreciated.

  4. Mack moropa says:

    I was close to be a victim of scammers coz i recieved a sms stating tht i hav to report at ottawa mall office no 410,502 and another differend office number so i became suspicious i tryed to find info 1st, i realised tht thy r scam

  5. Kenneth says:

    I can see on our Telkom accounts that there is huge amounts on single calls. Perhaps we need a website that lists more numbers. We can’t stop our employees from looking for other positions but I’d rather they used Gmail.

  6. Konri says:

    Good day, as a first time job seeker on Job Mail, I did use the “Apply” button, but the advert also stated that I should e-mail my CV. Is this where I made my first mistake? I e-mailed my CV and recently started getting e-mails stating that in order for me to proceed in the application process I need to FAX several documents.

    NONE of the “recruiting agency” names on these e-mail correspond to any of my applications. There are no other contact details and the e-mail was sent from an e-mail address to which I can not respond to.

    I do not trust this at all.

    I would like to know where I can report this as I consider this as phishing.

    Below are a list of fax numbers I have received at this point in time:

    I am truly saddened by this and wonder if there is truly a verification process that recruiters and employers have to go through.

  7. Mogagabe Motsomi says:

    Mr Kruger. I did receive such fax/email numbers. I do understand. I have written an email to Miss Rose. Konri, those are the same number faxes. Have been receiving and responding? I will wait for a response from Ms Rose. Thank you

  8. Peter Mutsi says:

    I cannot understand the response to this posting because I also received fax requests from 3 companies using some of these fax numbers. I went for an interview for 2 and was appointed by the one. Please keep in mind that legitimate companies also use fax numbers. The posts here and the information supplied by jobmail is not totally correct and make the assumption that everyone using fax numbers is not legitimate. This is not true.

    • Hannah says:

      I think that’s why you have to take in other factors, like can you reach the company any other way e.g. via telephone or email. Also looking out for the “no-reply” at the beginning of the email address.

    • Franc says:

      @ Peter Mutsi – Yes, there are legit companies that use 086 fax numbers, but then they have a proper website and a landline where you can get hold of them. They also would give you the choice of faxing, or giving an email address. Both ways, the info lands up in their Inbox. Google the words making money with your 086 fax number then you will learn that this is why there are so many job scams. Scammers get themselves a bunch of free 086 fax-to-email numbers and list non existing jobs in order to harvest as many as possible CV’s and other documents which they insist on being faxed only! At first they provided the 086 fax number in their job ad, but lately they list the jobs (up to 12 at a time) under a generic email address, such as gmail. On Gumtree alone there are hundreds of these fake job ads, all listed by a gmail user. Please note – not all gmail users are listing fake jobs, but if a person posts more than 5 jobs, without mentioning their Recruitment Agency, and listing it under Private, the chances are very good that you are dealing with a job scammer. When you respond to the gmail address, you will receive a lot of emails from fake recruiters. They all have a no-reply or noresponse email, so you can’t reply back. All of them have one thing in common: asking you to fax all your info (CV’s and certificates) to their 086 fax number. This way you are paying premium rates for that fax, and you help them in earning themselves a nice income without doing any work!

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