Take charge as a Foreman on construction jobs

All of the construction jobs you can possibly think of would not be possible without the help of a skilled Construction Foreman. Foreman jobs involve managing a crew of individuals at a construction site. Their primary job is to make sure that all activities on the site are carried out to certain standards and are done safely and timeously. Let us explain what these kinds of jobs will require, how you can go about becoming a foreman and just what you can expect on the job.


What do Foreman jobs entail?

Construction foreman jobs can be very stressful as you are responsible for every single thing that happens on that construction site. Even if something goes wrong and someone else is at fault, you bear the responsibility as it took place under your supervision. If this wasn’t already enough responsibility, a Construction Foremen is normally also in charge of acquiring, training, evaluating, and letting go of employees. They are the ones to go to if you have any site related queries. These construction jobs can involve anything from managing only a few people to managing massive projects that employ hundreds of workers. They also have to deal with the shifting of material and equipment from one place to the next and might have to assists the workers in laying out the work areas in more difficult situations.


Depending on the way a company is structured, foremen might also have to be the communication between clients and the company. They are the ones that will show the clients the progress and explain or fix anything the client is concerned about. If the client requires any changes, then they will have to relay this to the workers or the company and come up with a way to meet the client’s needs and keep the project within budget.


What is the workplace of a Foreman like?

A foreman on a construction site will usually spend most of their time out in the field, however, some of their time is spent in an office. Foreman jobs entail working outdoors in all weather conditions. You’ll need to have a head for heights and wear protective clothing, including a hard hat and safety boots.


What characteristics make for a good Foreman?

You have to be very strong, hard but not too hard. It’s about balance. If you are too overpowering then your workers will be too scared to say anything to you and if you are too relaxed then they will take advantage of you. The laborers need to know who is in charge, so you definitely need to be a good communicator. You will need to be able to motivate your staff when times get tough. Sometimes your construction jobs might have extended hours or limited machinery. Organisation skills are needed as you will have to manage a lot of people performing multiple tasks at once. Being a number orientated person will also help as you will have to do calculations on the fly when things don’t work out on site.


What kind of training is needed?

There are a lot of different ways that people get their training to be eligible for construction foreman jobs. Most employers only need you to have Grade 10 or a National Senior Certificate. They normally look for people with management experience, and those that have experience with some of the technical areas of a building, things like brick/tile laying ability, electrical skills and plumbing experience.


Some prefer to hire foremen for construction who have a formal education. Those that have a degree or diploma in construction management are the best candidates. The benefits of studying a building diploma at a technical university is the fact that you can still earn a salary and acquire experience during your practical training, while you learn the theory part-time. This can be quite stressful as these types of jobs demand long working hours that begin very early in the morning, but the benefits are that you will qualify much faster. You can study this at any of the major universities in the country or at any technical university.


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