Be The Right Candidate

Job Mail has made some changes on the CV form that you as job seeker will have to take notice of. If these compulsory fields are not completed / filled out, recruiters won’t see you as the right candidate for the desired job (and we don’t want that). Here is a recap of these required fields to take note of to be the right candidate for the job.

Under Personal Details the following must be filled in:

The fist section of the compulsory fields are your personal details. These are obviously required as the future employer will have to identify the person applying for a job. All these fields must be filled in:

Note that the more about you fields should also be completed:

Next up, you should update your current job information. These are the compulsory fields you need to complete:

The last thing you need to be sure of updating is you qualificationsThe following areas are once again compulsory for you to complete:

There you have it. These are all the compulsory fields that you need to complete otherwise recruiters won’t see you as the right candidate for the job. Please take note of these fields and changes and get your information updated as this will be implemented within a month’s time.

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