The facts about Forensic and Investigation jobs in South Africa

Investigation jobs offer a fascinating and challenging career. If you enjoy finding clues to solve unresolved cases, then forensic investigation work may be a great opportunity to put your problem solving skills to the test. With the high crime rate, forensic investigation jobs in South Africa are in demand. Browse jobs, register your CV and apply for jobs on Job Mail.


A forensic investigator can find employment with the government. Forensic jobs and government jobs offer interesting employment opportunities. You can find positions with the South African Police Service. If you are looking for work as a Forensic Analyst, positions are available in the Forensic Science laboratories of the Detective Services. Before you decide what field to specialise in here is information of different types of forensic investigation jobs in South Africa.


Forensic Crime Scene Investigator

A Forensic Crime Scene Investigator collects evidence at a scene to try and work out who committed the crime. Forensic Crime Scene Investigators have different duties according to where they are working. This type of forensic investigation entails collecting evidence, protecting evidence and capturing visual data at the crime scene. When they are not at the crime scene they work in a laboratory to analyse the evidence that has been collected. They aim to reconstruct the events that took place when the crime was committed. It is essential that forensic investigators are aware of the procedures that they need to follow so that their findings can be admitted into court. Forensic Crime Scene Investigators may be asked to appear in court to give evidence. It is possible to specialise in different areas of investigator work such as firearms or trace evidence.

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Chemical Forensic Analyst

A Chemical Forensic Analyst is responsible for collecting chemical-related evidence at crime scenes and analysing the evidence in the laboratory. They focus on toxicology as well as drug related investigations. Another duty that is associated with this position is dispensing of any dangerous chemicals from the crime scene. By piecing together different clues they try to determine what took place at the scene. They consult with police departments as well as write reports and update databases. To excel as a Chemical Forensic Analyst you will need to be curious as well as precise and methodical. Problem solving skills and a passion for chemistry are also helpful. To find government jobs in the SAPS you will need a BSc Degree majoring in Chemistry. Another option is to complete a national diploma. Once you are qualified you will receive additional training for drug analysis if you choose to join the SAPS.


Fraud Investigator

Fraud Investigators can find consultancy work for insurance companies as well as government institutions. These types of investigation jobs entail determining the legitimacy of insurance claims or determining whether fraudulent activities are taking place within an institution. They conduct research, review surveillance footage and conduct interviews. Typically a high school diploma is required for this position and tertiary education is beneficial. Relevant experience will also increase your chances of being hired.

Investigators can be hired to investigate fraudulent activity regarding social benefits as well as property damage. Fraud Investigators usually work to stop fraudulent claims before time and money are invested in the process of paying out the claim. Tasks include doing background checks and examining electronic information. Surveillance and undercover work may be required. It is crucial for the investigator to understand the laws that pertain to the investigation that they are carrying out. The laws pertaining to insurance funds are particularly pertinent.


Take a look at some of the forensic and investigator jobs in South Africa which are available on Job Mail.

Forensic Investigator

As one of the forensic investigation jobs available on Job Mail, this position involves dealing with fraud. The core duties of this position include planning, implementing and co-ordinating an investigation. Another task that the successful candidate will be required to perform is investigating possible fraudulent activities according to the needs of each client.


Investigator work can be both interesting and challenging which makes it a great career choice. Government jobs such as those with the SAPS offer a wide range of employment opportunities. Whether you want to work in the fraud department or help to catch criminals, you can specialise in the area that best uses your skills.

Take a look at the jobs advertised on Job Mail to see what types of investigation jobs are out there. By browsing through the different positions you can get insight into the training and skills you will need to find work in the industry. Although there are positions available for people with a matric, it is advantageous to complete additional training. Register your CV on Job Mail now and start applying for jobs in your area!

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  1. Chanel mathyzen says:

    Where can I apply to study forensic pathology or crime scene investigation? I already hav a certificate from Damelin for a introduction into CSI

    • Henno Kruger says:

      There are a few institutions offering courses in SA. Just do a search online. It looks like College SA or UCT might be your best bet

  2. Onalenna says:

    is a degree in criminology/Forensic science and technology going to help me if I want to work in the SAPS (CSI)

  3. brethrens says:

    am doing my 3rd year in policing at vut next year i will be doing btech at unisa fr forensic investigation. are thr jobs in south africa fr forensic investigators excepts from saps?

    • Blantina says:

      A lot r being advertised and Forensic is on high demand be rest assured. I’ve enrolled for Masters in Forensic Investigation 2017.

  4. Esie Gadebe says:

    I’m almost done with btech in forensic investigation, what’s next?any advice?

  5. Ayanda T. Tsabedze says:

    I am already done with my MSc Forensic Biology, what’s next ? any advice?

  6. CHRIS says:


    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Chris,

      We do not have relevant knowledge to answer this questions. We’d like to suggest that you get in touch with the educational institute you’re studying at to ask what their recommendations is. They are in the best position to answer all your questions.

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

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