Security jobs in South Africa

Looking for security jobs on Job Mail? If you are trustworthy and reliable then a career in security may be the right choice for you. You can find employment in private security companies or directly with larger companies. From working as a security guard to finding employment as a security manager or consultant, there are plenty of opportunities in this industry. With the right skills and dedication you can advance from entry-level positions to senior roles.

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The Security Guard

A security guard, also sometimes referred to as a security officer, is responsible for patrolling and protecting industrial and commercial buildings. Tasks associated with this position include controlling and monitoring access to the building, checking the identification of visitors and employees to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the building.

They also issue security passes. An important part of this role involves patrolling the property to ensure that it is kept secure. Safety precautions, such as checking that doors and windows are secured, are part of this position.

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A security guard is tasked with protecting the property from vandalism and theft. They are also required to uphold the property rules. Security guard jobs involve reacting to alarms and investigating the cause of the alarm. They alert supervisors and the appropriate authorities if a disturbance occurs on the property.

Working as a security officer, you may be required to transport cash to the bank. Security companies and personnel fall under the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Registration with PSIRA is mandatory for security guards.

If you are looking for these types of job opportunities, check the requirements for the positions which you are applying for as these may vary. Typically you will be offered on-the-job-training if you are hired.

Skills building and courses will help you to perform your duties well. Alternatively you can increase your chances of success by completing a formal qualification. With Grade 11 of NQF Level 3 you can enrol for a learnership in Specialist Security Practices. Learnerships include both practical and theoretical components.

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According to PayScale, people in security guard jobs earn an average annual salary of R 43 037.

Working as a Security Consultant

When it comes to security jobs, another option is to become a consultant. Security consultants provide security advice to clients. They inform clients of their options and design security systems according to the needs of their clients.

Overseeing security processes is a priority of employees in this field. Security consultants are required to keep up-to-date on the latest security news and products. They read current security research to ensure that they are offering their clients a quality service.

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Conducting security assessments and providing ongoing risk management are other responsibilities of employees in this role. Security consultants obtain quotations from security companies for their clients.

They liaise with security companies as well as with the South African Police Service. The administrative duties which are part of this role include writing reports. Security consultants design and implement safety procedures.

This field is regulated by the Private Security Regulation Authority and registration with the PSIRA is required. Consultant security jobs require extensive experience in the security industry. To qualify for this position you can complete a National Diploma in Security Management. Another option is to complete an Advanced Diploma in Security Management.

A Bachelor of Technology in Security Management is another option. A National Senior Certificate is required for these learning pathways and entry requirements may differ between educational institutes.

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Looking for jobs in security? Register your CV and start applying for the exciting vacancies listed on Job Mail.

The role of the Security Manager

A security manager oversees a company’s security which includes the protection of the company’s staff members as well as their assets. They are responsible for leading security services.

Tasks, which are associated with security management jobs, include designing and implementing security procedures. They are responsible for hiring and training security personnel. They ensure that their team of security personnel maintain a high standard of performance and efficiency.

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A security manager also plays a role in motivating security personnel and upholding high levels of professionalism. Managers in this field set up procedures which meet the safety requirements of their clients. They are required to liaise with other security companies to reduce crime and apprehend criminals.

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority oversees this sector and registration is required. Extensive experience in the security industry is required for this role. To be eligible for security management jobs you will need to complete a Certificate in Security Management.

Grade 10 is required to enter this learning pathway and requirements may differ between education institutes. Another option is to complete a National Diploma in Security Management. A National Senior Certificate with diploma entrance is required for this qualification.

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You could also choose to study an Advanced Diploma in Security Management or a Bachelor of Technology in Security management. The average annual salary for a security manager in South Africa is R232 130.

Now that you know more about the security industry, you can search for security jobs on Job Mail! With great vacancies listed, you might just find your dream job today! Create your Job Alerts and get informed of the latest vacancies on Job Mail.

Security jobs in South Africa
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Security jobs in South Africa
Looking for security jobs? From working as a security guard to finding employment as a security manager or consultant, there are plenty of opportunities.
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