Working as a User Experience Designer

If you enjoy web design and have some amazing problem solving skills, UX design might be a great career choice. To learn more about what user experience design is, Job Mail takes a closer look at what a UX designer does.

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What is a UX designer?

A UX designer plays a role in the designing of websites and software in accordance with the requirements of a specified target group. They aim to offer individuals an efficient and convenient user experience. Professionals in this field are involved in designing websites that individuals, with limited technological knowledge, can navigate easily. Not only must the website be highly functional, it must be aesthetically appealing too.

By creating a pleasant user experience, they encourage users to re-visit the website. UX design work involves the use of a variety of software. As a professional in this field, you can find work as an information architect, interaction designer and usability tester. You could also work as a visual designer. User experience design tasks involve working with software applications to outline visual concepts.

UX designers use cross-platform applications to ensure that users have a good experience across a range of technological devices, from laptops and PCs, to tablets and mobile phones. They are also tasked with re-designing websites. An important part of this role is ensuring that the website design is compatible with the business’s core objectives.

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The work environment of a UX designer

A UX designer typically works during regular business hours, but overtime may be required in order to meet deadlines. You can find part time work and short term contracts in this field. UX design work is office based and employees in this profession typically have a relaxed dress code with smarter attire required for client meetings.

This position may involve travelling to client meetings and senior level positions can involve international travel. User experience design professionals can find positions across an extensive range of industries. They can work for private companies, charities as well as government organisations. From small to large organisations, the input of UX designers are required in a variety of enterprises.

Another option is to become self-employed. Employees in this field earn an average annual salary of R 301 326 per year. User Interface Design capabilities generally offer you a higher earning potential. User research capabilities are also beneficial.

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Qualifications and skills needed for UX Design

To complete user experience design tasks, you will need to have the skills to use specialist software and a degree is typically required for positions in this field. Related degrees include computer science, digital design and media technology. You will also need to be passionate about web design.

Another option is to complete an internship. A UX designer needs a wide range of skills. They must be able to overcome obstacles through design, with communication skills also playing an important role. Interpersonal skills are necessary to liaise with clients as well as to work with team members.

An interest in continuous development is required to keep up with the latest developments in the field. Visual awareness, spatial skills and design capabilities are required for this role. The ability to meet deadlines and to work under pressure is important, with self-motivation and determination also forming part of the skills list.

Designers can start their career with an internship or junior level positions. You can continue your development by completing online courses and attending workshops.

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You will need to keep up to date in the latest software developments. This career offers space for progression and once you have gained experience in a junior role, you can expect to move on to a UX designer role and more senior level positions.

From great job satisfaction to opportunities for promotion, there are plenty of benefits to becoming a UX designer. If you think you have what it takes to succeed in this career, search for job opportunities and vacancies on Job Mail. Be sure to register your CV online!

Working as a User Experience Designer
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Working as a User Experience Designer
If you enjoy web design and have some amazing problem solving skills, UX design is a great career choice. Job Mail looks at what a UX designer does.
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