5 Tips for Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

From smartphones to social media, digital technology has an impact on every aspect of our lives. Although keeping up with the pace of digital innovation can be difficult, the reality is that most professionals need to be tech-savvy to succeed. Here’s how you can stay relevant in the Digital Age:

1. Keep track of trends

The Digital Age revolves around the fast pace of change. Organisations are constantly keeping an eye out for new and more powerful technologies that will give them the edge over competitors. As a student or employee, you should also be keeping track of the latest technological trends, and trying to identify how they are being used to disrupt the modern workplace.

2. Integrate technology into your skill set

Almost every modern profession incorporates an element of digital technology. A marketer needs to harness the power of social media; a bookkeeper needs knowledge of the latest accounting software; an HR representative needs to know how online payroll systems work – the list goes on. You should not only be familiarising yourself with the technologies needed to do your job effectively, but also seeking out others that will improve or complement your existing skill set. Employers appreciate workers who have tech knowledge that goes beyond what is expected already.

3. Learn to work independently

Through technologies such as video calling, the cloud and interconnected devices, there is a move towards a more flexible workplace, where employees can work no matter where they are. By learning to work independently and to stay motivated without being persuaded, you will be well-equipped for this environment. The fast-paced world of work means that employers don’t have time to constantly follow up on what their employees are doing, so self-management is a vital skill.

4. Develop your soft skills

Innovations such as social media and cutting-edge smartphones have had a noticeable (often negative) impact on interpersonal skills. In the Digital Age, interpersonal skills have become highly prized in the workplace. You can have all the technological knowledge in the world, but this won’t help you to develop soft skills such as communication, creativity and critical thinking. An organisation’s ability to stay competitive relies not only on the effective use of digital technology, but also on a healthy and productive work environment.

5. Embrace change

The Digital Age demands you to be adaptable to change. New technologies quickly take the place of others, skill sets are made obsolete within as little as five years, and automation continues to rise. In this environment, there is constant pressure to improve and update your skills. By being open-minded towards this change, and committing to continual development on a professional and personal level, you’ll be prepared for all the challenges that the Digital Age throws at you.

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5 Tips for Staying Relevant in the Digital Age | Job Mail Blog
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5 Tips for Staying Relevant in the Digital Age | Job Mail Blog
Keeping up with the pace of innovation can be difficult. Most professionals need to be tech-savvy to succeed. Here’s how to stay relevant in the Digital Age.
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