Career opportunities and jobs in Bloemfontein

Live in Bloemfontein or thinking of making a move to the Free State? Today we take a look at the different jobs in Bloemfontein on Job Mail. From vacancies for sales professionals and drivers, to administrative positions and retail jobs, we cover some of the Bloemfontein jobs currently advertised on Job Mail.

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About Bloemfontein

Home to the University of the Free State (UFS), Bloemfontein, also called Bloem, is the judicial capital of South Africa and the capital of the Free State. Also known as the City of Roses, it is the sixth largest city in South Africa and historical buildings today call the city centre home.

Falling under the Mangaung Municipality with about 850 000 people calling it home, Bloemfontein is a bustling city in a province where mining, agriculture and even petrochemicals (seen with Sasol in Sasolburg) play an important role in the economy.

Some attractions and places to visit in Bloemfontein includes the Boyden Observatory, a number of museums like the Choet Visser Rugby Museum and the Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Naval Hill, the Bloemfontein Zoo, a string of world-class restaurants and the Free State National Botanical Gardens (home to over 100 birdlife species), to name but a few examples.

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The Vryfees Arts Festival, Bloemfontein Rose Festival and Macufe are three major annual events you can look forward to in Bloemfontein.

Look for Admin jobs in Bloemfontein

If you are looking for admin jobs in Bloemfontein, you will find vacancies for receptionists, office clerks, office coordinators and even personal assistants on Job Mail.

Working as an office coordinator, commonly referred to as an office administrator, you will be responsible for the office personnel as well as the coordination of office activities such as administrative systems.

Data Capture jobs, also referred to as Data Entry jobs, are also among some of the Bloemfontein jobs listed on Job Mail. As a data capturer you will be responsible for transferring and inputting data (like a personal information and contact details for example) into a database for processing, use by other people within a company and storage.

admin jobs in bloemfontein

If you would like to learn more about the field of administration and the different types of admin jobs in South Africa, we strongly suggest that you check out our Admin Jobs Blog Tag.

Other admin vacancies in Bloemfontein currently listed on Job Mail includes positions for a receptionist, admin clerks and administrative assistants. Start the hunt for admin jobs in Bloemfontein on Job Mail.

Retail Jobs in Bloemfontein

You can also find vacancies under retail jobs in Bloemfontein on Job Mail. From packers and merchandisers, to sales assistants, there are some great vacancies currently listed online.

As a merchandiser you will be responsible for displaying (and even sometimes demonstrating) products. Depending on your field and employer, you will pack shelves to put products on display, setup demonstrations to lure customers in and maybe even handing out small samples. Merchandising and Visual Merchandising is an interesting career choice and, if you would like to learn more about this field, we highly recommend our “Want to work in retail? Visual Merchandising jobs could be for you!” post.

Another vacancy listed is that of a receiving and dispatching clerk. Also called a distribution clerk, this job requires you to maintain a detailed record of all the outgoing and incoming products of the warehouse or distribution centre. You will also be in charge of preparing products and goods for dispatch, and ensuring that these goods and products meet the specifications required.

retail jobs in bloemfontein

If you have an interest in retail jobs and thinking of making a career in this industry, you can learn more about the field by checking out the posts under our Retail Jobs Blog Tag.

If you are ready to start applying for vacancies in retail, browse through the current retail jobs in Bloemfontein on Job Mail to find a vacancy that matches your skill set.

Finding General Jobs in Bloemfontein

Grouped under general Bloemfontein jobs you will find a range of vacancies that include positions for everyone from drivers to cleaners.

Currently listed are vacancies for experienced drivers to work in everything from delivery and cash in transit, to chauffeuring. Working as a chauffeur you will be driving a van, private car or even a limousine and you will be charged with transporting people – be it around the city, to a meeting or for a night out on the town.

Working as a delivery driver, you will be in charge of transporting goods from one point to another. Depending on the company you work for, you will be responsible for everything from keeping the vehicle logs up to date, to loading and unloading your delivery vehicle.

delivery driver jobs

If you are transporting people for an income (i.e. making driving a job), you will be required, depending on the field you work in, to not only have the applicable code driver’s license but also a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) for a passenger vehicle.

Some of the other general vacancies advertised on Job Mail include positions for cashiers, supermarket staff and hotel maids, to name but a few. Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for general jobs in Bloemfontein today.

Applying for Sales Jobs in Bloemfontein

With a number of jobs in Bloemfontein to choose from, it is no surprise that sales jobs in Bloemfontein made our list. Offering positions for everyone from sales reps and call centre agents, to customer service consultants, you just might find the perfect vacancy that needs your skills.

Sales representatives, or sales reps, can be found within a wide range of industries such as business services, medical supplies, industrial products and even educational products, to name but a few examples. Working as a sales representative you will be required to know everything about the service or product you are selling. Amazing sales skills will be a requirement and you should be someone that is target driven, sales oriented, energetic and creative.

finding sales jobs in bloemfontein

Other Bloemfontein jobs currently listed on Job Mail under sales include positions for sales consultants, call centre personnel and field agents. Discover more about the field of sales by checking out our Sales Jobs Blog Tag.

Start your career by finding awesome sales jobs in Bloemfontein on Job Mail. Can’t find the perfect position? Create your Job Alert and get informed of the latest vacancies in your choice of city, suburb and job industry.

Companies Hiring and Recruiters in Bloemfontein

Job Mail boasts a robust list of recruiters and companies hiring. This is no different for Bloemfontein. Some of the recruiters and companies with vacancies in Bloemfontein include:

recruiters and companies hiring in bloemfontein

  • 1 Four All Recruitment: With its headquarters in the West Rand, this recruiter lists vacancies in a number of job industries across various provinces and cities.
  • Hectic Media: Listing vacancies across South Africa, some of this recruiter’s job vacancies include general jobs, part-time and temporary jobs and administrative positions.
  • Sheet Plastic: Based in Bloemfontein, this company currently offers Bloemfontein jobs in manufacturing and sales.
  • Ikageng Electrical Contractors CC: Also based in Bloemfontein, this contracting company specialises in electrical engineering and project management with vacancies listed in logistics and the trade and artisan job industries.

If you are looking for vacancies in Bloemfontein, feel free to browse through our Companies Hiring section.

Ready to start applying for amazing jobs in Bloemfontein? Register your CV on Job Mail and start looking for the perfect job in an industry that you are passionate about. From finance and admin jobs, to general and retail jobs, you are sure to find the perfect position for your skills.

Career opportunities and jobs in Bloemfontein
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Career opportunities and jobs in Bloemfontein
Live in Bloemfontein or thinking of making a move to the Free State? Today we take a look at the different jobs in Bloemfontein on Job Mail.
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