Fast-track your career in Direct Marketing

Direct marketing offers real career opportunities for all South Africans. Fact is, direct marketing is definitely one of the few sectors in South Africa which offers job opportunities to people who have matric and little or no working experience. Find sales and marketing jobs on Job Mail.


Job seekers can either join the 5.6 million+ unemployed people in South Africa (which has one of the highest unemployment figures in the world) or start a career in the direct marketing field. According to Stats SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey (which was conducted earlier in 2016), 66% of people under the age of 25 are unemployed in South Africa, so the situation is quite severe.

According to The Unlimited’s CEO Steph Bester, direct marketing is creating real work opportunities for young people in a time where other industries are failing to do so. “In most industries, it takes years to prove yourself and even then, your promotional prospects are often linked to someone leaving or getting a promotion. Direct marketing is different as it is one of the few industries where there are real opportunities to fast-track your career,” Bester explains.

The Unlimited’s opportunity is aimed at young people who have an entrepreneurial outlook when it comes to their careers, young people who ultimately want to work for themselves and be in control of their growth. Bester says that The Unlimited develops young people to a point where they can run their own business and create job opportunities for others.

“We have more than 70 business owners, many of whom are under the age of 30 and are earning between R30 000 and R100 000 a month – a far cry from where they found themselves when they started. We have a fast-track model – and those who are most willing to put in the hard work, get the best results.”

The Unlimited has more than 1,000 people who are actively marketing their products via face-to-face or telemarketing. They have densely invested in their specialised training programme (which takes committed people from new and inexperienced to a professional level in less than two years). Their programme provides individuals with skills training in sales and marketing (which includes teamwork, goal setting and planning, confidence, influencing and motivating others and conflict management).

Bester says:

“We provide solid work experience and skills for young people with a Grade 12 who have a great attitude, are resilient and have a real passion for performance. Our offices are highly stimulating and dynamic environments where people thrive – as do their careers. It’s true that not many people would see direct marketing as a lifelong career,  but for those who decide to make a real go of it, the opportunities can be nothing short of life changing,”

Many people who have become part of The Unlimited family have exceeded their expectations. Sydwell Khoza was a bricklayer before he joined the group and today he’s running a countrywide business with 500 people in nine offices. Leo Van Niekerk started running a small, regional telesales office eight years ago and today he’s responsible for more than 200 people spread out across five different offices. He now markets the company’s financial services products across the country. Koko Mlambo’s professional football career ended due to injuries, but today he’s a business owner with a team of 40 people in Port Elizabeth.

According to Bester The Unlimited team know that they are bringing people products they need, but thought they couldn’t afford – motivation is not limited to the career opportunities.

“Most South African’s don’t have financial advisors and they don’t know how to access products such as short-term insurance or emergency medical evacuation services. Our people are often their first exposure to cost-effective financial service products and we have seen how these have made a massive difference in our customer’s lives,” he explains.

It’s a fact that direct marketing is a powerful incentive to rebuild our country’s declining economy and declining job market, especially when it comes to our youth. Direct Marketing supplies a platform for personal and professional growth which isn’t rivalled by any other industry.

For more information on The Unlimited go to or if you want be considered for a position at one of their offices, please either search Job Mail or send your CV through to

The Unlimited was established in 1994. They are based in Durban and have offices across South Africa. The Unlimited is an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking company in the financial services sector. The company has 600,000 customers across a wide range of products which include personal accident insurance, emergency medical evacuation services, scratch and dent services and much more.

The Unlimited puts people first and they are forceful advocates of leadership development. They’ve been voted as the Best Company to Work for four times by Deloittes.  The Unlimited has also been certified as a Top Employer for the past three years by the CRF Institute. It’s just more proof that the company is putting South Africa’s future at the centre of their business because to them, you’re everything.

Fast-track your career in Direct Marketing
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Fast-track your career in Direct Marketing
Direct marketing is one of the few sectors in SA that offers employment opportunities to those who have a matric with very little or no work experience.
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