Everything you need to know about taking a gap year

Gap-year programs are gaining popularity in South Africa with students and professionals alike. From teaching English to au pairing, there are plenty of opportunities to work abroad. Taking a gap year offers you valuable work experience and it also allows you to pursue your interests. If you’re thinking about taking a gap year, you can find gap-year job opportunities on Job Mail.

The benefits of taking a gap year

Research shows that taking a gap year can be beneficial to your career. Time away allows you to concentrate on your hobbies and interests, and it also helps you to find the inspiration that you need to develop your career or to work on potential business ideas. The work experience that you gain during your gap year will look great on your CV, and earning a salary in a stronger foreign currency can also help you to save. You can enrol in a structured program or spend your time abroad travelling.

Taking A Gap Year And Traveling Overseas | Job Mail

Students who travel before they begin their studies gain important life experience. Travelling develops maturity, facilitates independence, and teaches responsibility. Spending time in a different country helps to prepare students for the demands of university life, while it also helps to develop self-confidence and ambition. After travelling, students are more likely to have a better understanding of how their academic choices can support their career goals. Whether you are a student or a professional, a gap year can help give you a new perspective on your personal and professional life.

Trying something new in a different environment allows you to develop new skills. Life can be stressful, and taking a time out from your usual responsibilities allows you to re-focus on what is important to you. Gap-year programs increase your career opportunities and the language skills and capabilities you learn while working abroad increases your employability. Taking a gap year is a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and network.

Gain Work Experience In Your Gap Year | Job Mail

While you’re travelling, you’ll collect plenty of stories. Whether it’s in a personal or professional environment, these stories are great conversation starters. Gap-year programs that involve working abroad offer you an affordable way to travel. Not only will you be able to experience new places and cultures, but you’ll also earn a salary. You will be able to save up so that you can pursue what you’re passionate about once you return home. This is a great option for students since they can use the extra cash towards textbooks and living expenses when they return home to study.

The disadvantages

A disadvantage of taking a year away from home is that you could become homesick. Missing home is a drawback to spending time overseas. Taking a year off from your studies or career may seem like a risk. When you’re travelling to a new destination, you won’t know exactly what to expect, which can be difficult for people who enjoy a more structured routine.

Things to do during your gap year

Are you wondering where to find gap year jobs? There is an abundance of teaching opportunities throughout Asia, while Italy and the USA are popular destinations for au pairs. Alternatively, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the world if you find employment on a cruise ship. You can even get a job in the agricultural sector in Australia. Other options for farm work include New Zealand and the USA.

There are plenty of opportunities in the hospitality industry across the globe. The USA and Mauritius, in particular, have great opportunities in the hospitality sector.

People in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are all showing interest in taking a gap year, and programs with more stringent requirements are ideal for experienced professionals. These programs require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, work experience, and a TEFL course with at least 100 hours.

Traveling During Your Gap Year | Job Mail

Now that you know more about the benefits of taking a year off, you can find gap-year jobs online. Whether you decide to work on cruise ships or teach English, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Taking a gap year offers you extraordinary experiences that you’ll never forget.

Everything you need to know about taking a gap year
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Everything you need to know about taking a gap year
Gap-year programmes are gaining popularity in SA. Taking a gap year offers you valuable work experience and it also allows you to pursue your interests.
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