Life as a photographer

A career as a photographer requires hard work and dedication but it’s also fun. From capturing the action at sporting events to attending glamorous fashion shows, the life of a photographer has plenty of exciting moments. If you’re interested in photography, read our blog post to find more then look for photography jobs on Job Mail.

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There are so many different types of photography

When it comes to being a photographer, there is a diverse range of different types of photography you can choose to specialise in. Your specialisation will depend on your personal preferences and skills as well as the demand for the type of photography you plan to pursue. Popular options include travel, wildlife and fashion photography. You can also choose to work in a corporate environment or to capture people’s special moments as a wedding photographer. Other types of photography include sports, events, aerial, landscape, and architecture photography.

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Pros and cons of making a living out of photography

A career as a photographer comes with the opportunity to travel. If you decide to become a travel photographer, you could find yourself exploring exotic destinations across the globe. This job offers you plenty of variety and you’ll be able to meet interesting new people along the way. If you have a passion for wildlife, sport or fashion, you can combine your love for photography with your specific areas of interest. There are plenty of opportunities for photographers to work as freelancers, which give you more creative freedom and independence than most full-time positions do. While variety keeps this job interesting, it also comes with uncertain working hours.

As a photographer, you can expect to work irregular hours with projects often falling outside of business hours. The travel that is associated with this role can result in you spending time away from your loved ones. Inconsistent work conditions can also be a downside of this career. As many photographers work as freelancers, they have the disadvantage of receiving an inconsistent income. Financial pressures add to the stress of this work.

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What an average day looks like

While photography jobs are often portrayed as glamorous, there is plenty of hard work and planning that goes on behind the scenes. A day in the life of a photographer can involve a range of tasks from writing quotes to reviewing client requirements. Photographers need outstanding listening, communication, and interpersonal skills to deal with clients on a daily basis. The ability to develop a comprehensive understanding of what your client is looking for will help you to succeed at your job. On the day of the shoot, you can expect to travel to the location where you’ll be taking the photographs. The type of photography work that you’re doing will impact the tasks that you’ll need to carry out when you arrive. For corporate shoots, you’ll be required to navigate your way to the location, meet the people who you will be working with, and set up all your equipment.

Photographing people means that you need to have excellent interpersonal skills to get the best shots. You’ll need to know how to make conversation and encourage more reserved subjects during the shoot. Understanding how to position people to get the best photograph is also an instrumental part of this job. A friendly and professional demeanour is vital for this role. On shoot days, photographers can expect to spend long hours standing on their feet with little time for any breaks. In the days following the shoot, you’ll need to sort through the photographs and select the best images. Next, you’ll need to resize and edit the photos.

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Being a photographer is a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth the effort! If you have a passion for photography, you’ll love the adventure and freedom that is associated with this career. So don’t waste time, find a variety of photography jobs on Job Mail.

Life as a photographer
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Life as a photographer
From capturing the action at sporting events to attending glamorous weddings and fashion shows, the life of a photographer has plenty of exciting moments.
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