Choosing a career as a recruitment consultant

Do you want to become a recruitment consultant? You’ll need excellent interpersonal capabilities and sales skills to succeed in this role. A recruiter is responsible for finding suitable candidates to fill vacancies at their clients’ organisations. If you’re interested in recruiting, read our blog post to discover everything you need to know about this career.

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What does a recruitment consultant do?

A recruitment consultant is required to find suitable candidates for employment vacancies. They are responsible for filling temporary and long-term vacancies. A recruiter needs to build strong relationships with their clients in order to assess their recruitment needs. An in-depth understanding of their clients’ business and company culture is required to make successful placements. The duties that are associated with this position include creating advertisements for vacancies and posting them on a variety of media platforms.

Recruiters attend networking events and follow up on referrals. Maintaining a database of potential candidates and using this database to make placements is also part of this role. Recruiters read CVs and conduct interviews with the aim of assessing the suitability of each candidate for the vacancies that their clients are offering. These professionals can also expect to carry out background checks and to obtain references. Once they have found suitable candidates, they introduce the candidates to their clients. A recruitment consultant is also required to offer guidance on salaries as well as on relevant training. Another task that is associated with this position is reading and optimising recruitment policies and programs.

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What working environment can a recruitment consultant expect?

A recruitment consultant typically works during regular business hours. However, overtime may be expected during busy periods. Recruiters work in an office environment but they can expect to travel to different locations for meetings with clients and candidates. While local travel may be required, international trips are rare in the recruitment industry.

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Where can you work as a recruitment consultant?

If you want to work as a recruiter, you can find employment with recruitment agencies. Specialised agencies that focus on specific industries also offer you employment opportunities. Big organisations hire recruitment consultants to find suitable employees for vacancies within the company. Large financial institutes offer in-house positions in recruiting. While it’s possible to be self-employed when you’re working in recruiting, freelancing is usually only a viable option for experienced consultants with strong connections in their industry.

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What are the educational requirements?

A recruiter can increase their chances of finding employment by completing a degree in human resources or marketing. Qualifications in psychology or business studies are also relevant to this field. If you work for an agency that focuses on a specific field, a qualification in the area they’re targeting will increase your chances of success. While these qualifications with help you to advance your career, they are not compulsory requirements.

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What skills do you need to be a recruitment consultant?

Administrative or sales work experience is beneficial when you’re applying for a position as a recruitment consultant. Sales skills and outstanding communication capabilities are required for this role. Organisational capabilities, confidence, and the ability to work as part of a team are also essential. Presentation skills will help you to fulfil your duties when you’re working in recruiting. You’ll also need to have a professional appearance and demeanour to succeed in this role.

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Now that you know more about how to become a recruitment consultant, you can decide whether this is the right career for you. Find vacancies on Job Mail and get your career off to a great start.

Choosing a career as a recruitment consultant
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Choosing a career as a recruitment consultant
Want to become a recruitment consultant? A recruiter is responsible for finding suitable candidates to fill vacancies at their clients’ organisations.
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