Jobs in Mpumalanga: Paradise Country

Affectionately known as “Paradise Country”, Mpumalanga has a lot to offer its’ residents. The breath taking beauty of the region is one of the reasons that South Africans choose to settle down in this area. Jobs in Mpumalanga include positions in the tourism, mining and IT sectors. Job seekers can find employment opportunities in Ogies, Rocky Drift, Witbank, Malelane and Barberton .


Mpumalanga job vacancies include a senior accountant position in Nelspruit. Job seekers with a matric, code 8 drivers licence and relevant experience can apply for a position as a Junior Wireless Technician. Sales Manager, Hotel Manager and Process Engineering Superintendent vacancies can also be found in Mpumalanga.
witbank-dam-sunsetThe climatic conditions in Mpumalanga support the agriculture industry. A large portion of the land is used to grow crops such as sorghum and sugar cane. The forestry industry creates jobs in Mpumalanga. Situated in the north east of Mpumalanga, Sabie is an important forestry hub. This region has plenty of grazing for animals. Mining is also an important part of the economy. Gold, cobalt and tin are mined in the province. Mpumalanga is responsible for most of the coal production in the country.
GoldMinesMpumalangaMpumalanga’s stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife attract both local and international tourists to the region. The Kruger National Park, Sudwala Caves and the Highlands Meander are all note-worthy attractions of this area. Adrenaline junkies can also find plenty of activities that will get their hearts racing. River rafting and quad biking are popular activities in Mpumalanga.

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Mpumalanga offers residents a tranquil atmosphere nestled in the heart of South Africa’s spectacular countryside. The province’s healthy economy and amenities make this a great place to call home. With so much to see and do in Mpumalanga, this province is a popular place to stay in. The Panorama Route has a rich cultural heritage while the Highlands Meander is a haven for trout fishermen. The Lowveld is note-worthy as it is an administrative hub and the Sudwala caves are a renowned attraction in this area.CavesIf you are looking for Mpumalanga job vacancies, there are plenty of jobs to choose from. Whether you are an experienced professional or an entry-level job seeker, there are suitable positions available.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m happy with what I see. I would love to work here

  2. Rachel says:

    Highlands meander and sudwala caves is to die for I would love to work there improve nd explore much. To teach others

  3. david says:

    Hi my name is David Musi I just saw you job post and some of the sides on the picture,I would really love to be a part of these hence I love exploring and mingling with new people.I have good client communication skills I’ve worked for woolworths and McDonalds restaurant but in this field am an entry-level job seeker.

  4. Nompilo says:

    It a great opportunity and I would love to work in Mpumalanga

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    That’s good and interesting

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    Hi Euclif its my name am a job seeker, so I see your post I will be happy to work at the part of that pictures at Mpumalanga

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    What I see here is what inspire the most, I’m a graduate of Small Business Management, so I would love to be one of those recognised employee

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    hi am bafedile i can see your post very interesting,i would like to work there.

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    I’m happy with everything i sow on de pictures. and i would be really happy to work at the mine i have experience in an underground mine and call center agent

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    Hey guys, MP is really beautiful, I would love to work there

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    I have an experience in reception,reservation.really need a job please help me

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    What an ideal prospect to embark on especially when nature is close to your heart!

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    I love what I just saw I love the place I’m a job seeker with no expirience but a fast learner

  14. Esther says:

    Looking forward to see the opportunities offered. I have working experience in general office administrative duties

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