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Johannesburg has a booming economy and it is the wealthiest city in South Africa. The city is an international centre of commerce. Mining plays a significant role in the economy and numerous mining offices are situated in the city. The manufacturing sector also creates jobs in Johannesburg. Banking and IT jobs offer top paying employment opportunities. Lucrative Job vacancies in Johannesburg can also be found in the transport, retail and media sectors.
JohannesburgIn order to be hired for a top paying job it is necessary to have the right training and education. Whether you are a student or a professional, there are ways that you can increase your earning potential. The first step is to choose a career with a high salary. Professionals such as Pilots, Chartered Accountants and Engineers can bring in an impressive monthly salary. Once you have obtained the necessary qualifications for your career additional training can increase your chances of being hired. It is also important to make sure that you have the right skills for the job.

Becoming a pilot is a lucrative career option. Candidates for this position must have the right training and the required number of flying hours. This is a suitable career for a responsible, reliable and self-motivated person. Co-ordination and excellent vision is also required for this position.
PilotA Chartered Accountant is required to have a four year degree and three years of practical experience. Candidates for this position must have an Accounting Degree. To be eligible for a Charted Accountant job it is necessary to complete a licensure exam. Finishing an apprentice as well as an internship is also necessary.
ChateredAccountantAnother lucrative career option is engineering. Chemical Engineers must complete a Chemical Engineering Degree. Experience can be gained by becoming an assistant to an engineer. Civil Engineers are required to complete a degree and additional training is advantageous when applying for positions which offer a high salary. Completing an internship to gain experience is also advisable.
EngineeringJohannesburg’s thriving economy creates numerous lucrative job opportunities. Depending on your skills and qualification you can choose a career with a high monthly pay check.

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