Tasks, roles and responsibilities of a Maintenance Manager

Interested in maintenance manager jobs on Job Mail? Today we take a look at what a maintenance manager is, what they do and the important role they play in the daily operations of a business or organisation.

What is Maintenance Management?

Maintenance Management is described as the process of overseeing a business or organisation’s maintenance resources in order to prevent downtime caused by maintenance issues (such as broken equipment).

maintenance management

This field of management also involves overseeing the maintenance procedures a business or organisation has in order to ensure that financial resources are not wasted on inefficient procedures. Within the industry, professionals make use of various tools in order to ensure the proper funding and procedures are in place, like software programmes for example.

One of the big reasons maintenance management is so important to a business or organisation is that this department is in charge of not only scheduling the needed work (or maintenance), but also control the maintenance costs involved and to ensure that all maintenance done meet the regulatory requirements that might apply.

So, what is a Maintenance Manager?

A maintenance manager takes charge of the maintenance operations of a business or organisation, ensuring that all the needed schedules are in place, equipment are functioning optimally and that everything in terms of maintenance (whether it is equipment or building maintenance) meet regulations.

From overseeing mechanical systems to taking charge or building maintenance, these professionals ensure that all the required tasks, maintenance and upgrades are on schedule at all times, ensuring operational effectiveness.

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Why is maintenance management important?

When equipment, for example, is faulty or out of order, a business can come to a complete halt. This results in a loss of productivity and profitability. When a business or organisation has a badly managed maintenance schedule and budgeting, productivity suffers.

A look at the Maintenance Manager Job Description

Maintenance manager jobs and the role these professional play within a business or organisation are extremely important. Depending on the type of organisation as well as the size of the organisation or business, the maintenance manager will take on a range of rolls, tasks and duties.

The professionals within these types of roles will commonly be responsible for the installations, upkeep and repairs made to their employer’s property such as their buildings or their machinery (like seen in factories for example).

Maintenance managers are at the top of the food chain and they are responsible for managing their teams, delegating tasks and making repairs and upgrades in the most efficient and cost effective way.

maintenance manager jobs

Depending on the business or organisation you work fork, some professionals in maintenance management might also be required to perform administrative tasks and duties as well. Applying for jobs, you might find that potential employers require applicants to have an understanding and experience in working with the financial aspects involved in maintenance.

These financial aspects and roles can include everything from budgeting and negotiating the ideal contracts with suppliers and vendors, to hiring the right personnel.

Taking on maintenance manager jobs, you will be responsible for increasing the productivity of the business or organisation you work for, ensuring that all machinery, maintenance scheduling and even in some cases budgeting are in place.

It is vitally important that the manager fully understands the processes of a business or organisation, being able to determine which maintenance issues take priority. To be able to setup an effective maintenance schedule, the manager needs to know how every aspect of the company operates, ensuring that everything from the photocopier to the machinery on the factory floor is maintained and in operation.

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Do note that maintenance managers are found across a range of industries and roles. While some managers might be in charge of building upkeep, others will take on roles vehicle fleet maintenance or roles in factories and warehouses where they will be responsible for inventory control or machinery upkeep and servicing.

According to PayScale, a maintenance manager in South Africa earns an average annual income of around R 339 000. This salary is also influenced by your experience, the skills you have and the city you work in.

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Training and qualifications needed for a Career in Maintenance Management

While experience in this field is something that goes along way, there are also certain qualifications and skills needed in order to get your foot in the door and find great maintenance manager jobs. Because so many different aspects are involved in maintenance and management thereof, training courses and qualifications are a great way to build skills.

In South Africa, you will find a number of training courses and programmes offered by various institutions. The University of Pretoria for example has a Programme in Maintenance Management aimed at skills associated with maintaining the technical aspects of an enterprise.

This Programme includes everything from the principles of managing maintenance and managing the maintenance staff, to managing finances within maintenance and even risk management.

maintenance management skills

The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) offers a course in Maintenance Management in Mining. Here enrollees will take on everything from the basics of workshop and field service planning, to safety in mining maintenance and the principles of outsourced service agreements.

When choosing a course or training programme, ensure that it is a comprehensive curriculum and that it is an accredited course that will attribute to your overall education. The programme from Wits for example earns you 2 CPD points with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), while the University of Pretoria’s programme earns you 5 CPD points from ECSA.

While small organisations or businesses might only require some work experience, larger organisations will require the skills and experience of a seasoned professional. Because larger businesses and organisations will require a maintenance manager to take on budgeting for example, a qualification in business or facility management will be advantageous. Depending on the field within maintenance management – like mining, building or even electrical maintenance – a relevant qualification will also work in your favour.

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