How to become a Pilot in SA

Are you looking for an exhilarating career? Aviation jobs offer plenty of thrilling career opportunities. From becoming an Aerial Spraying Contractor to finding a job as a Helicopter Pilot, there are a variety of options to choose from. If you are considering a Pilot Career, learn more about what this job entails before you commit to this line of work.


While the main duty of a Pilot is to fly aircraft from one destination to another, there are other tasks which are associated with this position. One of the primary concerns of a Pilot is ensuring the safety of passengers. Pilots are expected to review flight routes and weather patterns before taking off for a flight. An in-depth knowledge of safety systems and the refuelling process are also essential. Pilots are responsible for carrying out checks on the aircraft before the flight. Liaising with air traffic control is also a crucial part of being a Pilot.


Pilot vacancies are available in commercial companies and in the security industry. Specialised positions include Fighter Pilot and Aerial Spraying Contractor jobs. Becoming a Helicopter Pilot or an Aerial Topdressing Pilot are other options. If you choose to specialise, you will need to complete additional training. Pilots can choose between positions which require them to transport people or cargo.


Physical fitness and superb vision is required for this job. Psychological stability is also essential. Not only do Pilots have to complete training before they can work, they need to continuously update their skills. As different aircrafts are introduced and regulations change, Pilots need to go for extra training. Employment conditions include working in shifts.

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To pursue a Pilot career, you will need to be licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. You can complete your training at one of South Africa’s Private Training Schools. Once you have completed the necessary training, you will need to pass the relevant exams. You will need to complete the stipulated number of flying hours and hold a Medical certificate before you can be considered for a Pilot’s licence.

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If you are responsible, calm and conscientious, you can consider a career as a Pilot. It is also important to be reliable and intelligent if you want to pursue this career.

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