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Are you ambitious, determined and self-motivated? Then Investment Banking is a fantastic career choice. Perseverance and excellent analytical skills are also required for this position. When it comes to Investment Banking jobs, you can find a variety of vacancies in South Africa. Not only does this position offer great economic rewards, it is also a prestigious career.

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Banking jobs can be found at financial institutes across South Africa. Positions are also available with commercial clients. The advantage of becoming an Investment Broker is that it is a lucrative career. With plenty of opportunities for promotion becoming an Investment Broker is a great choice for ambitious job seekers. Typically, recent graduates earn well when compared to the income of graduates in other sectors. A career in Investment banking offers the opportunity to network with influential people.

Investment bankers act as advisors with regards to financial issues such as fund management and mergers. They are also responsible for overseeing the use of funds and making investments. The role of an Investment Banker involves collecting and reviewing numerical data in order to foresee financial risks and gains. They offer their clients investment advice and devise tactics to increase their client’s financial gains. Another task which is associated with this position is putting together legal documents.

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To apply for Investment Banking jobs, you need to complete a relevant degree such as Accounting, Financial Management, Economics or Actuarial Science. To gain experience in the industry and increase your chances of finding a well-paid position, you can apply for internships. Internships are a great way of building on your skills and networking with other professionals in the industry. Although Investment Bankers are often required to work long hours, the position offers great financial benefits. If you work hard and excel at your career, you may be able to retire early.

Whether you are a recent graduate or looking for a new career, becoming an Investment Banker is financially rewarding. Why not check out the vacancies on Job Mail to learn more?

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