The road to becoming a Firefighter in SA

Are you a team player? Can you keep calm under pressure? Does the thought of adventure excite you? Then becoming a Firefighter may be a great career choice for you. Whether you are trying to figure out what to study or if your current career bores you, learning more about this job will help you to make an informed decision. Here are more details of what Firefighter jobs in South Africa entail.

Firefighter Jobs

While the main purpose of a Firefighter is to put out fires with the aim of protecting people and property, there are also other tasks which are associated with this position. Firefighters may be required to enter burning buildings to rescue people who are trapped inside. In addition to fighting fires they may be asked to assist with other emergencies such as floods and earthquakes. Firefighters are required to evaluate the scene in order to decide what action to take and are also involved in paramedical care at the scene of an emergency. Other important tasks are keeping fit and healthy, as well as maintaining fire trucks. It is also essential that all the equipment is kept in excellent working order.

FireFighting-Jobs Firefighting-Vacancies

Firefighter jobs in South Africa are available in government departments or at airports. Positions are also available in forestry departments as well as in the navy. If you want to become a Firefighter, you will need to be able to remain calm under pressure. Courage, physical fitness and reliability is also essential for this position. Firefighters often work long hours as well as on public holidays and weekends.


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A career as a firefighter offers room for growth and promotion. The position that you are eligible for will depend on your qualifications, training and experience. Your capability as a firefighter will also be taken into consideration. The minimum requirement to be a firefighter in South Africa is matric and you must be at least eighteen years of age. A valid driverโ€™s licence is also required and it is essential that you are able to pass a physical and medical evaluation. To start off with, you can become a Learner Firefighter. Once you have the necessary skills you can apply for higher ranking positions.

Ready to find firefighter jobs in South Africa? Register your CV on Job Mail and start your journey to becoming a firefighter today.


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59 Responses

  1. Happy says:

    I want to be a firefighter I’m living at Newcaslte can I get full information

  2. Daniel says:

    That was easy

  3. zanele says:

    I think becoming a fire figher is a good thing after reading this blog it make me realise that i can save people’s lives.i always wanted to be a social worker bt my dream nvr come true

  4. jabulani says:

    I like to be a firefighter

  5. matome says:

    i want to be a fire fighter

  6. kelebogile says:

    Can girls also become firefighters

  7. PRESTON says:

    I would like to become a fire fighter

  8. wayne ackerman says:

    firefighter or anything else

  9. Lindelani Khoza says:

    Its a good thing and I like that kind of job

  10. Lindelani Khoza says:

    Its a good job , its my dream job

  11. david says:

    It has always been my dream but I don’t have matric. But I so many times put my own life in danger for others because I love being adventurest. What can I do to become a fire fighter even though I don’t have matric and are 40 years of age already.

  12. welcome says:

    Guys i have completed my matric so i wanna be a firefight i always want to work under pressure so i hope my prayers will be heard

  13. Beckham Johannes Magagula says:

    I have a Level 1Fire Fighter Certificate but still unemployeed

  14. Itumeleng says:

    When is the closing date

  15. Erastus says:

    I would like 2 become fire fighter … But I just don’t know where to start …help pls

  16. Mxolisi says:

    I have completed my Matric nd I have N6 electrical engineering. I like to be a fire fighter nd love working with people.

  17. zamani says:

    I want to be a firefighter in south Africa. To saved poeples life.

  18. innocent nohanyaza says:

    I want to be a fire fighter

  19. siyabulela tibe says:

    I like to be a fire fighter

  20. paulus says:

    Hi I am Paulus Modimola am currently matriculating so I am more interested in this career so can you please help me with the steps I should take

  21. Atif Hameed says:

    I have been serving in government Punjab emergency service Rescue 1122 Pakistan as a Fire Fighter/Safety Trainer since July 16. 2007 to till now . During my service I have gone through number of major emergencies like solid fire , chemical fire and petroleum fire .I feel myself competent enough to deal with every sort of fire and medical emergency .I make you sure I will leave no stone unturned if I am given a chance . It will be reciprocated , for me to work in a multinational company and for you to have skilled and experienced staff. i have a degree of master in arts Social Studies (political science).I have a degree of bachelor in arts Economics and diploma of Medical Assistant . I have training certificate from govt. rescue 1122 Academy Lahore as fire fighting , BLS( medical) and disaster.i have certificate as Fire Prevention & Safety Officer(General) from government civil defense Pakistan . I have a appreciation latter from Pakistan air force to dealing emergency of fire ammunition depot in airbase area and,I have certification IOSH MS,H2S Awareness ,HABC Fire Safety Level_2.In whole my careers ,I am also working as a Fire safety Trainer.I am teaching the Fire Fighting Skill Pakistan Army,Pakistan Air Force,Many School,Collages & University.
    Designed and Mechanical Inspection and Quality Checking of Fire Vehicles at HASEEN HABIB CORPORATION (Pvt).If you give me a job i proved ,I am best selection .I am trying my best.Please find the attach my cv & document .
    Best Regards,
    Atif Hameed

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Atif – Take note that this article is for information on how to become a Firefighter in SA, not Pakistan.

  22. Rachel says:

    My son would like to be a firefighter. he is 18. where can he go to for further info?

  23. Rhyno Ferreira says:

    I want to become a firefighter and work well under pressure …


    I like yo be a firefighter since I was a kid and am willing to make my dream comes true…fire spread easy in winters people must know how to protect their homes from fire.Anyone can help me to make my dream comes true?

  25. makgabo says:

    Is it possible for one to become a fire fighter if he/she doesn’t have matric?

  26. magcanya vuyolwethu says:

    I want to be a fire fighter because its in side my heart I really want to become a fire fighter and there are few people doing fire fighter

  27. teboho says:

    I want to be a fire fighter but I don’t have a matric

  28. khotso says:

    Hi. I have fire fighter 1 and2 hazmet awareness and operation and first aid. I’m looking for a job as I am a qualified firefighter. I’m from free state and I’m willing to relocate at anytime. My contact details is 0739298716

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Contact your local municipality’s fire department or fire departments in other parts of the country directly Khotso

  29. Ben says:

    Do you need to be 18 or can you be older

  30. Trevor says:

    I want to become a fire fighter, I have passed matric with a deploma

  31. Hlengiwe says:

    I need to be a fire fighter i dont know where to start

  32. Rudolph says:

    Hy am 23 years old boy am asking if I can train to be fire fighter with having matrix? I only have Grade 10, an Code 10 licence

  33. Justin says:

    Google for academies near you..Gefster,Lotantsi to say a few.its a 4 months course that’s very fun but intense.. After completing the course,you will have to register your certificates with SAESI. You all still have to enroll in a BAA course which takes a month and then register that certificate with will also need a code 10 Driver’s license with a PDP..Must have a Matric

  34. Kim says:

    I’m a 24 year old male from Durban l, have my matrix and code 10 license. I’m planning on doing my firefighting course 1 and 2 and wandering what’s the possibility of me becoming a fireman once I’ve completed my courses?

  35. Tjhaisa Moeleso says:

    I am a courageous and adventitious person.I recently considered a fire fighting career choice as my first priority ever.I love helping people I love rescuing them too.Well I can warmly says I am a Best Future Fire Fighter because I am a fire fighter candidate at SANDF fire training school and I am glad to be…so I just wanna say thank you all people who are interested in becoming fire fighters keep well guys.Wish you the best for future RESCUE UNIT

  36. Nomotella says:

    Hi I’m nomotella 28 years I have finish my matric 2007 want to be a fire fighter what can I do..

  37. Ridovhona says:

    I want to apply form of this job I pass grade 12

  38. Hey I am look for a job in fire fighting got a certificate for fire fighting course

  39. Hi I am Ruben. I am looking for a job in fire fighting done my course and training and I have got my certificate in it.

  40. Melissa says:

    interesting how do i go about doing so…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Melissa,

      We’d like to suggest that you visit your closest fire station and inquire about the process of becoming a firefighter. They will be able to send you in the right direction.

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

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