7 Reasons To Consider a Career in Project Management

Project management is one of those professions most people don’t really think about when considering their career options. You know that project management exists, but you’ve never really thought about it as a career for yourself. After reading this article, however, you will be jumping at the opportunity to start your project management career as soon as possible!

Here’s why you should Consider a Career in Project Management:

 1. It’s one of the highest-paying careers options

Project managers are usually some of the highest-paid professionals in their respective industries. If you go into IT, for example, the IT Project Manager will probably be one of the most lucrative positions to aim for. And if you go into construction, you will find that it is the Construction Project Manager who is paid the big money.

Project Management

2. There is work in every industry

Project management is required in every industry — from engineering and IT, to marketing and retail.

Although you will need industry-relevant expertise to work in each industry, general project management skills are highly transferable. There are general project management principles, practices, and standards that all project managers follow. You can also always take a vocational course to get training in an industry that you desire to work in as a project manager.

3. You can take your career to the next level

If you are already working in a specific industry, then you can take your career to the next level by completing a project management course. Learn the skills and knowledge you’ll need to take over the management of projects in your department or company. This will help you fast-track your career —whichever line of work you might currently be in.

Project Manager working

4. You can experience high levels of job satisfaction

Project management is an outcome-based profession, with specific goals and metrics set out for each project. Project management is thus not a profession where you go into the office and do the same thing everyday, but rather one of the few professions that constantly pushes you to achieve specific, measurable outcomes.

Additionally, there are few jobs that offer the level of satisfaction that you get from seeing a project come to a successful conclusion.

5. You can get the recognition you deserve

Working on, and completing, a project often means that you have a measurable impact on the very nature of the organisation you are working for. Some projects you work on might change the organisation (and its future prospects) completely.

This means that you work in a field where the effects of your work are easily identifiable, and therefore more likely to receive the kind of recognition that it deserves from clients and employers.

6. You can work with amazing people

A project manager is not an island. You will always be working with a close-knit team of highly-driven and talented people. Moreover, if you work on big multi-national projects, you will get to meet and co-operate with people from all over the world.

Communication is one of the most important elements in project management, and working closely with other people is central to the whole experience of working as a project manager.

Working With Amazing People

7. You will develop marketable skills

Working in project management allows you to cultivate highly marketable skills, such as decision-making, leadership, problem-solving, time management, and team work skills.

If you later decide to change careers, you will have a valuable skill set with which you can market yourself to prospective employers.

How to become a project manager

There are numerous routes you can take to get into this profession. You can work your way up to a project management position within an organisation, or you can start off by studying project management and taking up an entry-level position as a project management assistant.

However, whichever route you take, becoming a project manager means working hard, gaining the right experience, and getting the training you need to start your career in this direction. If you want to get the right training while working in a full-time job, you can look into studying a part-time project management course via distance learning. To find out more about this option, you can visit Oxbridge Academy’s website by clicking here.

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    Thanks Job mail for sending me these information and tips regarding Project Management is like as if you knew that I wish to become a Project Manager in future preferably in a Health or Mining Industry as I am a health worker and currently working in a Gold mine.I have studied Project Management Diploma and A Degree in Human and Social Studies specialising with Public Admin and Communication on top of my Four year Nursing Diploma.I found these information so constructive and motivative please help me find such a Job to make my dreams a reality.

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