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Are you trying to decide what career path to pursue? When it comes to creative jobs, there are plenty of options to choose from. From working as an Interior Designer to starting a career as an Event Planner, you can find rewarding positions in South African companies. While there are a variety of career choices, the option that you choose will depend on your unique talents and skills. Whether you are deciding what to study after school or you want to make a career change, employment opportunities within the creative industry offers various viable options. You can browse for vacancies, register your CV and apply for jobs on Job Mail.


Before you make a decision speak to experts to find out what their valuable career advice is.  You could also consider finding Public Relations jobs. Here is some useful information on different positions in the creative industry to help you make up your mind.

Interior Designer

An Interior Designer is responsible for decorating the inside of buildings. This includes corporate offices and individual houses. An important part of the job is meeting with clients to determine their requirements for the décor. Interior Designers need to consider the client’s preferences as well as the room’s layout and purpose. It is also crucial to take the client’s budget into account during the planning stage. The designs must create a welcoming ambiance as well as have a practical function.  Tasks that are associated with this position include researching costs, hiring sub-contractors and keeping up-to-date with current trends. If you are creative, stylish and organised, then Interior Design may be the right career for you. To become an Interior Designer you could complete a BA (Fine Arts) at a South African university. This course takes four years to complete. Another option is to train at a university of technology where you can get a National Diploma specialising in Interior Design.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is responsible for creating innovative designs with the aim of promoting a product or brand. Projects could include company logos, brochures, advertisements and illustrations. Tasks include communicating with clients and preparing quotes. Keeping up-to-date with current trends is also important. Another responsibility is making sketches to give clients a preview of their work.

If you are creative and organised then Graphic Design is a fabulous career change option. These types of creative jobs also require communication, marketing and drawing skills. Knowledge of graphic software is also essential. To become a Graphic Designer you can enrol for a degree or diploma at a South African university. Typically the training will take three years. A portfolio is an entry requirement for many of the institutions that offer training.

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Event Manager

Other titles for this position include Event Planner, Event Organiser and Functions Manager.  Event Managers are required to organise functions according to their client’s requirements. Functions may include festivals, fashion shows and concerts. Product launches also require the skills of an Event Manager. Events are planned according to the relevant brand and they are tailored to meet the needs of the brand’s target market.


To succeed as an Event Planner you will need to be creative, friendly and outgoing. Good leadership qualities are also vital. The career path of an Event Manager is both thrilling and challenging. If you establish a good reputation in the industry you could find yourself planning huge events.

Tasks which are associated with this position include overseeing staff, preparing budgets and choosing a venue. Reviewing post-event data is also valuable. Event Managers must be able to deal with unforeseen problems and they will need to cope well under pressure. If you want to train as an Event Manager you can look for courses at FET colleges, universities of technology and private colleges.

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Fashion Designer

Fashion design is another one of the fabulous career choices available within the creative industry. A Fashion Designer creates individual garments and clothing ranges. They will need to consider the style and the quality of the fabric. It is possible to specialise in a specific department such as men’s clothing or wedding dresses. Fashion Designers are also involved in the production of accessories. Well-known South African designers include David Tlale and Errol Arendz.


Fashion Designers research different trends and styles. They create patterns and sew garments in order to make samples of their work. Ensuring that the garment maintains high quality standards and working within a budget are other important duties.

If you are creative, innovative and hard-working, fashion design may be a suitable career choice. You will also need to be detail-orientated and passionate. You can study Fashion Design at FET colleges, a universities of technology and specialised institutions.

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Take a look at some of the creative jobs available on Job Mail.

Graphic Designer

A vacancy is available for a Graphic Designer on Job Mail. Suitable candidates will have a three year tertiary education and a minimum of three years of relevant experience. Applicants must be creative with web design and have web developing capabilities. The monthly remuneration is R19 000 to R29000.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Events Coordinator

A full-time position is available for an Events Coordinator. The successful applicant will work at a guest lodge in Houghton. Suitable candidates will have outstanding computer and communication skills. The position has an immediate start date and the salary is negotiable.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Interior Designer

A vacancy can be found in Sandton for an Interior Designer. The successful candidate will receive a monthly remuneration of R 25 000 to R 27 000. To be eligible for this vacancy applicants must have a Higher National Diploma or a B Degree in Interior Design.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Whether you choose to become and Event Planner, Interior Designer or if you are looking for Public Relations jobs, Job Mail is the place to be. While making a career change can be daunting, with some research you can find creative jobs that you feel passionate about. Register your CV on and start applying today!

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