Filtering for Relevancy on Job Mail

The Job Market is a market that occupies a deluge of different talent and skill levels. Often when a position is promoted on a web page or print medium; the CV receiver is bombarded with emails with attachments that vary in relevance. It is common that CV’s received do not match the requirements set out in the position post. Recruiters and employers alike, have to sift through the bunch with little or no relevancy.

The following 3 tips will help guide the process of filtering for relevancy and even for promoting relevance.

  1. Provide context and situational details in the post. e.g. “The manager will be required to use models learnt from specific theory attained from their entertainment law degree.” The example highlights ways to easily institute specific responses.
  2. Degree holders come in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, some individuals may be relevant with experience, but don’t have the tertiary moulding needed by the recruiter or employer. Additionally; some candidates may perform better than those with relevant education.It is here that one needs to maintain a high level of skills checks with what is stated on the CV.  Be sure to ascertain what you need; if the job requires a solid tertiary backing with experience, then follow suit with your job promotion. Remember; you are telling potential employees what traits to carry into the interview and into the job.
  3. A CV is scanned in a mere 30 seconds. The reader of the CV needs to immediately look out for age, education and experience with good and checked companies.  It is common to come across a reference company that is not directly or remotely linked to your present job needs. In the same instance the potential candidate played a highly relevant role to what you seek in a candidate. So again; relate your needs to what is available to your filter system.

There are many ways to filter and attain relevant CV’s; we hope that the above methods play a role in contributing to your successful hiring process.We are growing our categories with the current need and context in South Africa. One of our new categories is the FMCG category. We welcome your views and opinions’ on all things in the Job Sector, be sure to sure to check out our Recruiter Live Campaign.

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