5 Recruiting & Hiring Process tips

Recruiting and hiring the right employees can be quite a challenging process.  It is very expensive mistake when you end up hiring the wrong employees, not to mention time consuming.

This is why Job Mail wants to help you recruit and hire the right employees from the start by giving you some helpful tips for the recruiting and hiring process.

Develop the Job Description: Break the job down into tasks, responsibilities, skills & knowledge required and personality required.  Knowing what the job really entails will assist you in hiring the correct employee and set up the correct questions for the interview.

Develop the Recruitment/Hiring Plan: To develop the recruitment/hiring plan you might need to meet with key personnel (HR, manager for department, etc).  Decide how the interview will be done and how many interviews might be required.  It should also be decided who the interviewers will be and if the interview will include written or practical tests.

Develop interview questions: You can use the job description and Plan to formulate questions to be asked during the interview.  If you need any more help, you might like to take a look at the post we did on interview questions.  You can visit this post by clicking on the following link: https://blog.jobmail.co.za/general-interview-questions-for-employers-recruiters/

Develop a Checklist for interviews: After you have created your plan and questions, you can develop a checklist that works in conjunction with your questions and you can even have this checklist rate the answers on a scale.  With a checklist and scale in place, you can rate each interviewee during the interview.  The checklist will basically help you keep track of how interviewees faired, and you will easily be able to give feedback of each interviewee without straining your brain cells trying to remember what they answered.

Fill your talent pool: Before you even start the interview process, you can already start recruiting a large pool of candidates. The more qualified candidates you can fill the pool with, the more likely you are finding a qualified or potential employee.  If you are a Premium Employer, you can use the CV search on Job Mail to start filling your talent pool, and you can use the questions on job ads to do a preliminary scan of knowledge and experience.

The basic message is, be prepared.  You can never be over-prepared for the hiring or recruiting process.

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