6 Tips to attract top-tiered candidates

Finding that perfect candidate is like looking for gold in the Orange river. After many months of searching you are bound to find that treasured applicant. We at Job Mail know that you are looking for the best there is. With your needs in mind, we have a couple easy ways for you to attract the best employees in the South African job market.

The art of hiring is the ability to be a good match maker. You have to make sure that your job advert inspires the ideal job seeker to apply. Your job advert is the magnet that attracts the best job seekers to you. Once you have piqued their interest with your great job offer there are a couple things you can do to make sure they don’t drop off your radar.

Let us get down to business and go through some of the ways that you can use to attract the right job seekers to you.

It is time to turn strong candidates into applicants using the below steps:

Give Salary Information: A little transparency can go a long way. Most candidates are capable of self-screening based on salary. Providing the salary range upfront gives applicants a sense if a job is the right fit, and can motivate a passive candidate to take the time to applying, knowing that the job fits their requirements.

Give candidates ALL the requirements: Once you have placed your advert on Job Mail make sure that you specify what you are looking for from the word go. If you need a candidate that requires management skills, it is always a good idea to stipulate how many years of industry experience is required. Once a potential candidate realises they can’t meet your experience expectations, you should find that applicants that can meet your needs will apply for the job. It is also a good idea for you to tell the candidates your preferred mode of communication. If you state that you prefer email communication in the job advert this will assist you to screen and filter all the applications that you receive. Most job seekers understand that email is the best way to contact recruiters and employers. So make sure that your advert has the Hiring Manager or Recruiters email address on it.

Keep Your Job Mail Ads Fresh: How long has the job been open for? In the new economy, the mind-set among candidates is that there are a lot of qualified workers available, and jobs go fast. In cases where your job post has been vacant for a couple months it may be time for you to spruce up your advert to attract new qualified candidates. If your first advert didn’t grab the type of candidate you had expected, it is most definitely time for you to go back to the drawing board. Work out what your ideal organisational match is and make sure your job advert highlights what type of employee you are looking for.

Make it Easy: It may be convenient for you to have all the details of every single candidate, but to a passive candidate who isn’t really looking in the first place, a lengthy application process can be an immediate turn-off. Get the basics, but avoid asking for the nitty-gritty, like health status and family life. Save this investigation for round two.

Use the Skills Search to find your match: While you are likely to get a couple hundred CV’s from eager applicants it is always a good idea for you to set aside time to searching on Job Mail for your perfect candidate. Simply log-in to your employer account and do a search for the skill or qualification that you are looking for. The more advanced your search is, the better chance you have or narrowing down the right candidate.

Look to see if the candidate is on Linkedin for final screening: When you receive a CV you will be able to see if that candidate has a Linkedin profile on the new Job Mail CV. If so, it is definitely worth looking how active they are in trying to find a job, what industry related articles they are reading and what they are pushing out to their connections. You can work out from a couple minutes on their profile if they are serious about building their online brand. If you are looking for a manager that is the perfect brand ambassador for your business this little bit of profile research is a must.

We hope these helpful hints have helped you to think about how you are going to write your next Job Mail Ad to attract the right top-tiered candidates to your workforce.

When you need to hire in a hurry make sure that you choose Job Mail to find those top-tiered employees.

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