The Best ways to relay your CV and Vacancy Enquiries

The Job Market is one riddled with  different skills, talent and experience. It is also a market that Job Seekers tend to use wrongly. Many a time; a job seeker will create a CV and begin sending it to different companies email addresses. Additionally, these job seekers take the initiative to drop their CV’s off at a company reception desk. The plight of job seeking can cause the job seeker to take these steps in the hope of getting employed or simply getting an interview with the intended company. These methods of CV delivery are often frowned upon by employers.

Job Mail strives to increase productive job seeking and hiring. It is with this in mind that we have set up 4 steps of CV and enquiry etiquette, these follow in point form below:

  1. Before sending your CV, enquire from the company if they have vacancies and are willing to receive your curriculum vitae. Be clear of the position that you intend occupying and always have the skills and experience required by the intended position.
  2. One can telephone the Human Resources department of a company to enquire for vacancies. Remember; be clear and conscious of phone etiquette.  Greet and thank the listener for their time before stating your reason for calling. It is here that the HR department will ask you to either send your CV or hold it until another date and time.
  3. Times have changed; many companies don’t receive CV’s physically. This is largely due to the convenience and instantaneous nature of electronic sending. Besides; most job positions require you to know how to use email, so in-turn expect you to apply using that medium.
  4. You can directly send your CV to a company without enquiry when the careers portal or job advertisement states that you should do as such. Be mindful that you are applying for a position that you qualify for. There is nothing recruiters and employees find more painstaking than an irrelevant CV.

We hope that these tips help to improve your method and etiquette of CV delivery and vacancy enquiry. To view how a CV should look, please link to our CV Template post to make your job hunt that much more productive.

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If you have any special requests for other posts in the future please leave your comments below and we will give you the tips and solutions you need to address your job hunting dilemmas.

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