The Best IT Jobs for 2016

IT stands for Information Technology and there are a broad range of jobs that you can find in this field. When it comes to IT jobs South Africa has numerous exciting opportunities. Whether you are looking for basic entry-level positions or high paying senior positions you can find a job that meets your qualifications and skills. Once you reach the top IT jobs offer some of the highest salaries in the world. To learn more about information technology careers read our useful blog.


Information technology jobs usually involve working in a company’s IT department. In this role IT personnel offer computer support to other staff members. This may include fixing computers, transferring information between computers and software updates. IT jobs in South Africa include IT security, development and analyst jobs.

Analyst Jobs in IT

Computer analyst jobs involve studying and analysing business tasks so that they can develop software to increase the efficiency of the business. They are also responsible for implementing the software. Other duties that are associated with this position include resolving software and hardware issues.


This type of job can be found in universities, companies and medical centres. You could also work for a consultancy firm or become self-employed. To become a computer analyst you will need to get training in computer technology. Once you are qualified and find employment it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest industry advancements by attending additional training courses.

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Computer Development Jobs

Computer development jobs involve creating, implementing and testing computer hardware and software. Software may include games and applications. Developers who work with hardware create physical parts of the computer.

These types of IT jobs usually require a degree which is related to computer technology. Job seekers should also have knowledge about programming language and graphic design.

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The Field of Security within Information Technology Careers

It security jobs involve protecting data and information. IT security personnel analyse the risks to a company’s data security. Once they identify security risks they rectify them by strengthening the security system.

IT security personnel may choose to specialise in working with a specific type of network. They can find employment in banking and government departments. There are different roles within this field and each role is comprised of different tasks. IT security specialists usually work as part of a team.


IT security jobs offer a good salary and qualifications as well as experience can increase the amount of money that you earn. IT specialists normally work 40 hours a week however overtime may be required for specific projects. They usually work in good conditions in an office although they may need to visit clients often.

When it comes to IT jobs in South Africa, we are most definitely spoilt for choice. The variety of positions that are available makes it easy to find one that matches your interests and skills. If you work hard and attend additional training, you can work your way up to a high paying position.

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With plenty of opportunities for career growth, IT jobs are a great choice. Why not explore the Information Technology careers within your grasp by registering your CV on and applying for positions that match your qualifications?

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