Why you should consider becoming an Electrician

Trying to decide on a career? There are plenty of reasons why you should consider becoming an Electrician. Knowing more about what the job of an electrician entails will help you to make an informed decision. When it comes to Electrician jobs in South Africa, there are plenty of exciting different options to choose from. Automotive Electrician, Electrical Millwright and Process Electrician vacancies can be found online.


One advantage of studying to become an Electrician is that you can gain valuable experience as an apprentice. Finding an apprenticeship vacancy will enable you to gain practical skills and learn while working at the same time. Not only does an apprenticeship help you to boost your CV, it also comes with a small monthly salary.


Once you have qualified as an Electrician you can start your own business and work independently. The benefit of working for yourself is that you can choose which jobs you want to accept and set your own working hours. Having your own business gives you more freedom than working a nine-to-five job at a large company.


Electrician jobs offer lucrative career options. Electricians are well paid and specialised positions offer a higher remuneration for each job. Once an Electrician becomes well-known as a reliable and trustworthy artisan, they can set higher prices for their work.


There are a variety of career options for Electricians which allows you to pick a specialisation that suits your interests and talents. An Automotive Electrician repairs, maintains and upgrades the electrical systems of vehicles. Electrical Millwright and Process Electrician positions are other career options.

electrician_automotiveIf you prefer practical work to sitting in an office all day, then becoming an Electrician is a satisfying career opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to work hands on and solve a variety of practical problems.



Studying to become an Electrician will open up a host of employment opportunities. You can choose to work for yourself or find a position within a company. The flexibility of this career adds to its appeal. If you are trying to decide which career to pursue, consider becoming an Electrician.



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