Team-building activities you can do at work

Do you want to improve your company’s productivity levels? Try out these awesome team-building activities. From better communication to improved morale, there are plenty of advantages to these exercises and games. Not only do they have a range of benefits, but they’re also fun! You’ll have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better while enjoying yourself at the same time.

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Team Building Activities You Can Do At The Office | Job Mail

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What are the benefits of team-building activities?

Team-building activities play a role in boosting efficiency in the workplace. They foster collaboration and boost productivity. These exercises help colleagues to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve their ability to work together. Team-building activities also help to keep employees motivated. Additionally, they can be used to improve problem-solving and decision-making skills and build trust.

Team-building activities can work for any size company

Whether you’re running a small or large company, team-building activities are great for your staff. As awareness of the importance of team building grows, these activities are being used across a diverse range of industries.

Team Building Activities You Can Do At The Office | Job Mail

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Exciting team-building activities you can do at work

You don’t always have to do team-building activities off-site. It’s beneficial to take time every week at the office to do something fun that is focused on building a stronger team. Looking for inspiration? Below are some ideas of games you can play:

  • Two truths and a lie

This fun game is sure to get a few laughs and it’s great to use as an icebreaker. You’ll need to set aside 15 to 30 minutes to give everyone a chance to take part. Ask each participant to write down two truths about themselves as well as one lie on a piece of paper. Going around the circle each participant will have the chance to read out what they wrote while the rest of the group tries to guess which statements are fact and which are fiction. The group can ask questions to help them discover the truth. This is a great chance for team members to get to know each other a little better.

  • What’s on your desk?

If you’re looking for an activity that boosts problem-solving skills and creativity, this is it! It also fosters communication between team members. Divide your staff into smaller groups and ask them to bring an item from one of their desks. This item is their new product and they’ll need to work together to develop a marketing strategy for it. This should include an innovative name and slogan. Put a time limit on the game to make it more exciting. Once the time is up, each group will have a chance to do a sales pitch for the item that they took off their desks.

  • Create a team book

This is a chance for your employees to create their team story over time. This activity helps to co-create a company culture where everyone is included. Team members who are more reserved when it comes to speaking in groups may find it easier to express themselves by writing or drawing in the book. The team book fosters creativity and collaboration while also building up a history of the team’s progress over time. Place a big, empty journal in your company’s break room. You can write prompts on the pages, which may include questions to answer or inspiration of things to draw. It’s a good idea to write the purpose of the book as well as the guidelines on the first few pages. Place pens, crayons, markers and other creative items next to the book so that team members can work in overtime during their breaks at work.

  • Build a nest

This activity can get messy but it’s also fun. It’s great for fostering collaboration and problem-solving capabilities. Separate staff members into two groups. Each group will need to make a ‘nest’ for an egg that will stop it from breaking when it’s dropped from a height of 2.4 meters. You can provide a range of materials to make the ‘nest’ from, including newspaper, balloons, string and sticky tape. Set a time limit to add excitement to this activity. Once the time is up each team should do a presentation on their package before it’s dropped. The team whose egg doesn’t break, wins.

Team Building Activities You Can Do At The Office | Job Mail

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Now that you know more about team building, you can start to incorporate these and other activities into your weekly schedule at the office.

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Team-building activities you can do at work
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Team-building activities you can do at work
Do you want to improve your company’s productivity levels? Read our article to find out what team-building activities you can do at work to increase morale.
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