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Looking for a job? Visit the Job Mail website to see free classifieds across South Africa. From administrative to medical positions, Job Mail vacancies cover a wide range of sectors. If you are searching for jobs in South Africa, you can use Job Mail to find your dream position. Whether you are an entry level job seeker or an experienced professional, there are plenty of positions advertised online.


Job Mail was founded in 1997 and since then the company has gone from success to success. Their outstanding achievements have seen substantial growth within the company, allowing Job Mail to offer a comprehensive list of employment opportunities. The company has committed employees who are enthusiastic and reliable. Job Mail is responsible for overseeing more than 10 000 advertisements every week. They work in a wide range of media forms to ensure that job seekers have a fast and convenient way to access vacancies. Print, mobile and internet platforms are used for advertisements.


Job Mail’s leading classified advertisements set them apart from other websites. The company’s dedicated team of employees is another note-worthy feature of the company. Staff members have a variety of skills and capabilities which enables Job Mail to offer a top quality service.


JobMail Staff – 16 Days against women and child abuse

Job Mail’s Media Centre is another advantage to accessing their website. Job seekers can access helpful advice online such as tips for CVs and job interviews. The Media Centre offers job seekers guidance so that they can find their dream position. Job seekers can stay one step ahead by following the current employment trends listed on the website.

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The Job Mail sitemap makes it easy to access a variety of services. It is convenient for job seekers to register their Profile CV and browse for job vacancies online. It is also simple to find the most searched jobs as well as employment opportunities with premium employers. Job Mail offers excellent support and the FAQ provides answers to important questions. If the FAQ does not contain the necessary information it is easy to fill in the online form to contact the Job Mail team who are ready to help.


With over 10k latest Job Mail vacancies currently there are plenty of opportunities to find an exciting position. There are over a 1000 Sales/Marketing positions and vacancies in the Medical sector. Professionals, who are looking for a job in the Engineering industry, can browse through more than 700 advertisements currently to find a position that suits their interests and skills. The finance, administrative and retail industries are other top categories which are listed on Job Mail. With over 6000 vacancies in Gauteng, residents have a wide variety of positions to choose from. Kwazulu Natal, Western Cape and Mpumalanga are also among the provinces which have a high demand for employees.


When it comes to jobs in South Africa, Job Mail offers a comprehensive website which lists exciting job vacancies and useful advice. If you are looking for employment opportunities, Job Mail’s website is a valuable asset.

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