How to retain your star employee

FeaturedThey say that you earn someone’s loyalty by the way you treat them…
This is very true for the workplace also.

Treating all employees fairly is naturally expected from you as an
employer, but particular attention has to be paid to those that add great value to your company. Those that you simply cannot afford to “lose”…

Make sure your company retains these people by recognising their
worth and treating them accordingly. This means:

Let their opinion count… It’s important for your best employee to feel valued and know that their opinion matters and contributes to the success of the organisation. Ask for it regularly, and involve the employee in key decision-making processes.

Recognise and utilize their strengths… Get the most out of what your employee has to offer in skill, talent and expertise, and contribute to their job satisfaction, by placing them in a position where they can constantly use and develop those particular attributes.

Give them the freedom to be their very best… Firstly, don’t put restraints on your employee and limit the way they are to think and solve problems in the workplace. Allow and encourage them to be themselves, creative and free-thinking.

Secondly, people differ vastly with respect to the type of circumstances under which they can flourish, including working space and hours. For example, some people might be at their best working late in the evenings, in a coffee shop, early in the mornings from home etc. Communicate with your star employee about what would work best for them, and offer them flexi working hours and the option to work away from the office.

Encourage and enable their development… Smart, goal-driven employees are normally very keen on learning, developing their skills, and growing in their career. Give them the opportunity to do so, by personally mentoring them, booking them for training courses, sending them to seminars, giving them skills development books to read, etc. You will not only encourage your employee, but increase the value of the “asset” you have working for you.

Show interest and listen to them… Even though office life can be fast-paced and ‘chaotic’ at times, still be attentive when your employee speaks to you and raises issues in the workplace that affect them. Do whatever you can to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Also try and be understanding when they are experiencing personal difficulties, giving them room to deal with it, whether it’s with a bit of time off, a few phone calls during working hours etc.

Don’t ever threaten their position… Even your star employee can make a mistake sometime, it’s human. If they for some reason deliver unsatisfactory work, be honest, yet professional and ‘merciful’ about it. Never threaten them with dismissal or cutting their benefits, unless it’s really necessary. To keep the loyalty of your best employee, they need to feel “secure” in their job, and that there is room to make a mistake now and then without the fear of losing their job or benefits.

Reward and appreciate them… Again, your best employee needs to feel valued and that their contribution to the company matters. Recognise hard work and initiative on their part, by rewarding them for it with a thank you, public acknowledgement, vacation time, a salary increase, corporate gifts etc. Employees that feel appreciated are generally more loyal, work harder, and therefore become even more of an asset to a company.

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