Help others look their best as a skincare therapist

Are you considering a career as a beauty therapist? With the right training and experience, you can launch your career as a skincare therapist. From starting your own business to working in a salon, there are plenty of opportunities for professionals in this field. You’ll need outstanding interpersonal skills and skincare knowledge to succeed in the health and beauty industry. If you are passionate about helping people look their best, you can find beauty jobs on Job Mail.

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What does a beauty therapist do?

In essence, they are responsible for assessing their client’s skin with the aim of offering them the treatments that best suit their requirements. Professionals in this field provide their clients with skincare treatments to enhance their appearance, and they perform facials using specialised products and techniques. Treatments that professionals in this field perform include facials, massages, pedicures, waxing, and manicures. They offer their clients advice on how to maintain their skin on a daily basis at home.

Beauty therapists also sell their clients a range of health and beauty products. Other tasks associated with this position include answering phones, booking appointments and responding to customer queries. They are expected to welcome clients to the salon and discuss the various beauty treatments that are available. A vital part of this position involves maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment, which includes sterilising equipment and tidying cubicles.

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Skincare therapist qualifications

You’ll need to complete a qualification to become a skincare therapist. Typically, these positions require you to have a Grade 12 qualification followed by beauty courses and training. The courses should be accredited by the South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals. Another local regulatory body is ITEC. With a Grade 11 education, you will be eligible for entrance into Certificate: Beauty Care and Health. An NQF level 3 also allows you entrance into this learning pathway. With a Grade 12 education or NQF level 4, you can complete a diploma in Beauty Therapy. Training involves theoretical lectures as well as practical experience.

During your training, you’ll learn about anatomy and physiology as well as hygiene and customer relations. The competitive nature of this industry makes it essential to be dedicated if you want to succeed. To be eligible for beauty jobs, you’ll need to have outstanding interpersonal skills. You’ll also need to be committed to helping people to look their best and feel healthy.

As a therapist, you’ll need to be caring and friendly. It’s important to maintain outstanding personnel hygiene and dress professionally. You’ll also need to have the physical stamina for the long hours you’ll be spending on your feet. Good time-management capabilities are vital for this role. The average annual salary in this field is R68 214.

Beauty therapist employment opportunities

Health and beauty positions can also be referred to as cosmetologist or somatologist roles and can find employment in spas and salons. As a skincare therapist, you’ll be required to work long hours, and overtime and weekend work is typically expected of professionals in this field. Other career options in this industry include becoming a hairdresser or nail technician. You could also choose to work as a salon manager, teacher, make-up artist or a skincare therapist. A benefit of finding a job in this field is that you can be self-employed. Once you have gained enough experience, you can set up a small salon and expand it as your client base grows. It is advantageous to work for yourself since it gives you the flexibility to determine your own working schedule. Beauty therapists may also travel to their client’s houses to perform treatments, and they can find employment in the cosmetics section of retail outlets.

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The Advantages of beauty Jobs

There are numerous advantages to becoming a beauty therapist. Completing health and beauty courses and qualifications increase your earning potential and grant you access to a thriving industry. With the development of new treatments, there is an increased demand for professionals with specialised skills. You can also complete exams, such as CIDESCO and ITEC, which allow you to work internationally. A great aspect of beauty therapy is that it gives you the opportunity to travel and explore different destinations across the globe. You can even find beauty jobs on cruise liners.

Once you’ve completed your training, you can launch your career by searching for beauty jobs online. With so many advantages to becoming a beauty therapist, it’s easy to see why this profession is so popular.

Help others look their best as a skincare therapist
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Help others look their best as a skincare therapist
Are you considering a career as a beauty therapist? With the right training and experience, you can launch your career as a skincare therapist.
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