Office Jobs: Building a successful office-based career

Office jobs offer great career opportunities and there are numerous advantages to finding one of these positions. If you don’t want to attend university, then you can still apply for office administration jobs. While qualifications can increase your chances of being hired, there are many positions that do not require qualifications.


Office Assistant jobs offer great entry level positions which are suitable if you have limited experience. On-site training is also available for office admin jobs. While you can still apply for vacancies without qualifications if you want to move up the career ladder and apply for Office Manager jobs, it can be advantageous to complete additional training. It is also advisable to identify any areas where you are lacking the necessary skills to perform the tasks that are involved in the position that you are applying for. Office Receptionist jobs require excellent computer literacy skills and if you are not proficient in this area it is advisable to complete a basic course.


Take a look of at some of the career opportunities available in South Africa:


Office Receptionist Jobs

A Receptionist can find employment in companies, factories, hotels or schools. The core duties of a Receptionist are to answer phones and complete administrative tasks. Receptionists are required to welcome guests to the office. As they are usually the first point of contact for visitors it is important that they have a professional and friendly demeanour. Other tasks include filing, taking bookings and recording meeting minutes. Receptionists are also required to type documents, respond to emails and order office supplies. The ability to multi-task is essential for this position. Receptionist positions also require computer literacy, good communication skills and efficiency. If you excel at this position, you can apply for a job as a Personnel Assistant. A qualification is not required to be a candidate for Receptionist positions. However you can increase your chances of finding employment by completing Secretarial training or move up the ladder and qualify for Office Manager jobs by completing relevant training courses and qualifications. If you study further, it also increases your chances of advancing in your career.


Working as an Office Clerk

Office Clerks offer support to staff members. They can find employment in educational institutes, companies, medical facilities and government offices. Office Clerks are required to complete administrative tasks such as filing, typing documents and managing data bases. They also schedule appointments and deliver messages. If you are computer literate with good communication skills then this may be the job for you. These types of office jobs are entry level positions and you will receive training once you are hired. However you can complete basic computer and secretarial courses to ensure that you excel at your job and become aptly qualified for positions higher up in the company, like Office Administration jobs and even managerial positions.


A more specialised office career in Bookkeeping

A Bookkeeper is responsible for keeping financial records which include sales as well as payments. Other tasks that are associated with this position are balancing the books, compiling reports and preparing bank deposits. The majority of companies require the services of a Bookkeeper. Depending on the size of the company, full-time or part-time positions are available. Bookkeepers perform basic accounting tasks and offer support to Accountants in larger organizations. There are opportunities for self-employment if you are a Bookkeeper. If you are interested in Finance and Mathematics, then Bookkeeping may be the career for you. Accuracy, reliability and organizational skills are also pertinent for this position. If you have passed matric and one of your subjects was Accountancy, then you can enter the job market as a Junior Bookkeeper.


General Office Jobs available on Junk Mail

If you are looking for general employment at offices, why not consider a position as an office cleaner? If you demonstrate that you are hard-working and reliable you may be eligible for other opportunities within the company. While you are working as a cleaner you can complete additional training to increase your chances of securing senior positions. The core duty of an Office Cleaner is to keep the offices clean and tidy. Tasks include dusting, emptying bins, sweeping and vacuuming. In some offices the cleaner may also be responsible for making tea and tidying the kitchen. If you are trustworthy, neat and observant you can apply for Office Cleaner jobs on Junk Mail. You don’t need a qualification for this position. However it is advisable to enrol for extra courses after work hours if you want to apply for other positions within the company.


The first step to finding a job is to know more about the requirements of each position. If you are searching for office jobs, make sure that you meet the requirements of the job that you are applying for. If you are lacking in a certain skills set, make sure that you complete additional training in this area. Dedication and hard work will allow you to apply for other positions in the office once you have proved that you are a trustworthy employee. Register your CV on now and apply for different office vacancies – from office administration jobs to working as a receptionist.

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