Consider a career as a sales representative

Are you considering a career as a sales representative? If you have strong communication skills and good interpersonal skills then sales rep jobs on Job Mail might be for you. A passion for working with people as well as determination to meet your monthly sales goals can help you to be successful in this role.

Sales Representative Job Description

Sales representatives are responsible for selling a company’s products or services. Employees in this position act as representatives for the company that they work for. The job description that is associated with sales representative jobs depend on the company as well as the industry that you are working in.

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Sales reps may be hired to increase the sales of advertising space in magazines, newspapers as well as in digital spheres, such as websites. Download the Job Mail iOS App or Job Mail Android App and start browsing for vacancies today.

Sales Representative Duties and on-the-job Tasks

Common sales representative duties include setting up meetings with potential clients to give them more information about the company’s products or services that they are tasked with promoting.

When sales reps meet with potential clients they need to assess the client’s needs in order to offer them products or services that match their requirements. Once they have a better understanding of what their clients want, they send them a proposal.

If the client accepts the proposal, the sales representative must discuss any changes that the client requests. It is important that the sales rep has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the products or services that they are promoting.

sales representative jobs

Understanding the products and services helps to increase sales as well as levels of customer satisfaction.

While employees in this profession are required to find new clients, an important part of sales rep jobs is to create strong relationships with existing clients. Relationships can be strengthened by resolving any problems that arise during the client’s interactions with the company.

The sales rep should also inform the client of any new products or services which would be useful to the client. They need to deal with customer queries and complaints quickly and efficiently. This position often requires travelling to visit the premises of existing as well as potential clients.

Sales representative jobs also involve administrative duties. This includes compiling and analysing sales data. Professionals in this position are also required to write reports. They typically have monthly targets that are stipulated by the company that they work for. Sales reps are required to attend meetings regularly with their manager and other staff members.

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The right training and education for Sales Reps

A tertiary education is not a requirement for sales representative jobs. However experience working in sales increases your chances of being hired. Employers typically look for people who have completed grade 12 and have relevant experience in sales.

If you are just starting out, you might find a company who offers on-site training. If you want to increase your chances of being employed, you can complete a degree or diploma in Marketing or Sales.

While qualifications are beneficial, prospective employers looking to hire sales representatives still look for candidates with experience in the sales industry. A driver’s license is typically a requirement for this position as it often requires travelling. While some employers provide their sales staff with cars others stipulate that you should have your own car.

Personal Traits and Characteristics of Sales Representatives

Now that we know more about what these jobs in sales require, let us see if you have what it takes to excel in this role.

To become a successful sales representative you will need to have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Self-motivation and self-confidence are also crucial. Sales reps need organisational skills and determination to complete their duties. Enthusiasm and high levels of energy are also beneficial.

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Sales Representative Salary and Earning Potential

When it comes to determining a sales representative salary the industry, company and region need to be taken into account.

According to PayScale an average inside sales representative salary is R 117 245 annually. Salary increases are associated with the employee’s level of experience. According to PayScale the income of an outside sales representative is R163 311 per annum. Marketing, communication and management skills are associated with higher pay for this role.

Now that you know more about the sales representative duties and job description, you can decide whether this is the right field for you. Look for sales rep jobs on Job Mail and find opportunities that might just match your skills perfectly! Register your CV on Job Mail today!

Consider a career as a sales representative
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Consider a career as a sales representative
Considering a career in sales? If you have strong communication skills and good interpersonal skills then sales rep jobs on Job Mail might be for you.
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