Forklift Jobs: A career that’s more than just roses and gas pedals

If you haven’t guessed it yet, forklift jobs entail driving around a forklift. A forklift is a hydraulic machine that is designed as a lifting mechanism for moving heavy or large objects. They are designed for use in a number of industries like warehouse jobs and packaging centers. Forklift operator jobs can become very rewarding and can be done by almost anyone. Let’s take a close look at what your job will entail, the training needed and the kind of work you can expect to come into contact with.


What do forklift jobs entail?

As we mentioned before, most of your job will include lifting and moving heavy or large objects with your forklift. This can take place in many different places like warehouses, storage areas, construction sites and factories. As this is a very repetitive job, you need to be awake and on your toes at all times. The repetition can make you complacent and that is when accidents happen.

There is a lot of hard work involved in forklift operator jobs and sometimes physical labor, as you might have to shift something to get access with the forklift or lift things that are too awkward for the forklift to handle. Some of these factories have outside storage areas so you might have to face extreme temperatures. The objects you will be moving might be hazardous themselves, you might come into contact with fumes or harmful chemicals.


Working hours are shift based (normally 8 – 12 hour shifts) and if you adhere to the correct safety guidelines and practices, which will differ from company to company, then you can easily complete your shift without any issues.

Forklift operator jobs training

In order to qualify for forklift driver jobs, you will need a South African driver’s license and do a course at a certified forklift training facility which can be found throughout the country. The nice thing here is that this certification is internationally accepted so you can take this skill to any part of the world.

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There are many different kinds of courses and training facilities in South Africa that can prepare you for forklift jobs. Two of the biggest are Crane International Academy and the Forklift Training School which is located in Midrand, Gauteng.

Skills needed for forklift driver jobs

Concentration is often seen as the most important skill to have as a forklift driver. The potential danger of falling objects means that you have to be aware at all times. Discipline is needed as you will be working after hours when minimal supervision is present. You need to be adaptable as the forklift won’t be the only machine that you will use, you might have to drive counter balancing machines or load trucks too. Lastly, teamwork is needed. You will be working so closely with many other employees so being able to work together in a safe manor is essential.



As almost every warehouse and large storage area needs a forklift driver, the skill is in high demand. You can work in multiple places, including storage yards, airports, ports and plenty of other industrial settings.

Forklift Driver Salary

According to Payscale, your average fork lift driver can earn anything between R35,909 – R115,363 depending on your experience. Most people move onto more lucrative managerial positions or training positions once they have acquired enough experience in this field.


If you think you have what it takes and are ready to start applying for forklift jobs in your industry, then take a look at forklift operator jobs in South Africa listed on the Job Mail website. Registering your CV on is the best way to secure yourself warehouse jobs.

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