Finance Jobs: Financial Planner vs Financial Advisor

A financial advisor and a financial planner are both tasked with managing the money of their clients. Although there are similarities between these finance jobs, there are also differences. If you are looking for an answer to the question ‘What is a financial advisor?’ you have come to the right place to find answers.


What is a Financial Advisor?

Financial advisor jobs involve helping clients to manage their money. As an advisor in the finance field clients will pay you to assist them with tasks that are related to money. This may include overseeing investments or buying stocks. They may be required to devise a tax plan for their client. Different positions that fall under the term of financial advisor include stock brokers and bankers. A financial advisor job description depends on the company as well as the context that the employee will be required to work in. Other employment opportunities to look out for include insurance agent and stock broker positions.


Financial advisors can work from home or from their company’s offices. Overtime may be part of the job conditions of a financial advisor as well. There are great career prospects for professionals in this field. They can work for clients who are investing large amounts of money. Career prospects for this position are great and financial advisors can be promoted into a position where they are overseeing the work of other staff members. In higher level positions they may also be required to recruit and train staff. To achieve their career goals financial advisors may need to form networks with accountants and solicitors. If you are working in a firm you may even reach senior level positions such as a director or a partner. According to Payscale, finance jobs in this specific field has an annual income of R 142 246.

A Closer look at what a Financial Planner is

When you are comparing a financial advisor with a planner, it is important to note that financial planner positions are a specific role that falls under the term financial advisor. Financial planning involves tasks which help a company to reach their financial goals. These are typically long term goals. If you want to secure a job, you will need to be a certified financial planner. Financial planners may choose to focus on investments or taxes. Other areas of specialisation include retirement as well as estate planning. Financial planners are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. Tasks that are associated with this position include liaising with clients, assessing the needs of clients and developing personalised budgets.


To excel in this position you will need to have superior problem solving and mathematical capabilities. Patience, listening skills and good interpersonal skills are also required. Reliability is a vital characteristic of employees in this position. To become a financial planner you can study at the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa or INSETA. Other options include completing a degree or diploma. BComm degrees, which include finance and accounting subjects, can be found at many universities. Before a professional in this field is allowed to practice they need to complete the Professional Competencies Examinations. Once you have qualified you can find financial planner jobs in investment companies and banks. Investment companies also use the services of financial planners. As a certified financial planner you may choose to be self-employed. Once you set up your own financial business you can start seeing clients. Specialised training opens up a wide range of career opportunities. According to Paysacle you can earn R 142 246 on average for this role.


Now that you have more information about finance jobs you can make sure that you develop the right knowledge and skills to succeed in this career. If you are already qualified as an Advisor or a Certified Financial Planner, register your CV on Job Mail and apply for awesome opportunities.

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