Nails and Makeup – A World of Luxury with Beauty Therapy Jobs

Do you love pampering people? Are you passionate about helping people to look good? Then Beauty Therapy may just be the best career for you. From becoming a nail technician to working as a make-up artist, there are plenty of beauty therapist jobs to choose from. You could also be responsible for waxing, massage or eyebrow tinting.


Beauty therapy jobs may require you to work in a salon or a spa. The advantage of choosing this career is that you will have the opportunity to meet lots of different people. Your clients and the variety of skills that you will need to know make this an interesting job. You also get the satisfaction of helping people to look and feel beautiful. If you are still interested, take a look at our insightful blog to learn more. You can register your CV and find Beauty Therapist jobs on Job Mail.


Nail Technician Jobs

A nail technician offers clients manicures and pedicures as well as nail art. They also repair nails and give clients treatments for their hands and feet. Nail technician jobs include tasks such as record keeping, financial transactions and administrative duties. Housekeeping and reception tasks are also part of this position.

Nail Technicians use specialist tools to give treatments and apply artificial nails. They are also required to provide clients with product information and advice. To succeed in this career you will need to follow safety guidelines and uphold hygiene standards. It is also important to learn new skills and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in beauty therapy.


The exciting part of this career is meeting new people and using your creativity to make them look their best. The downside is that repetitive activities make this position physically demanding at times.

So now that you know more, find out if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this specific career. You will need to be well-groomed and friendly. Excellent interpersonal skills and patience are other important qualities that Nail Technicians need.


Creative talent is beneficial if you decide that this is the career for you. If you’re not convinced yet, there are still plenty of interesting aspects to this job that will catch your attention. You could explore the world when choosing these types of Beauty Therapy jobs by working on cruise ships and you may even have the opportunity to meet celebrities.

Companies such as the Nail Guru in Umhlanga offer training for aspiring Nail Technicians. You can also train at the Beauty Therapy Institute. Once you have finished training, you will need to decide what type of Nail Technician you want to be.


Nail Technician jobs are found in salons and nail bars which has the benefit of offering you access to your employer’s client base and facilities. Mobile technicians travel to their clients. Although this option can be tiring it also means that you won’t be stuck in a salon all day. You may want to start your own salon. Although this can be risky and require some capital it means that you will own your own business and work for yourself.

Makeup Artist Jobs

When it comes to Beauty Therapist jobs there are plenty of reasons to consider becoming a Makeup Artist. The core duty of this position is applying makeup for clients in accordance with the setting that you are working in.

If you are working in television, you will be expected to apply make-up for actors and presenters so that they look their best on camera. You may work in a theatre or on photographic shoots. Film is another industry that uses the services of Makeup Artists. You may even get to work with celebrities!


Makeup artists need to assess the needs of their clients and provide makeup that is both technically and creatively applied. Makeup Artist jobs include liaising with clients as well as upholding safety and hygiene standards.

It is important to maintain continuity between the clients, makeup, hairstyle and outfit. You can complete your training at the Halouw Makeup Academy or the Majestic Makeup Training Academy.


While Makeup Artist jobs and nail technician positions offer awesome career opportunities. There are plenty of other beauty therapist jobs to choose from. You could also consider specialising in massages, facials, waxing or hairstyling. The area that you choose to specialise in will depend on your interests and skills. If you want to be a massage therapist, you can do pregnancy massage or stone massage. Another option is to focus on eyebrows and eyelashes with threading and lash extensions. Qualified and ready to start applying for Beauty Therapy jobs? Register your CV on and apply for everything from makeup artist positions to nail technician jobs.

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