More women needed in top Mining positions

We live in a very diverse country where more people are being encouraged to pursue different careers. People are taking on challenges.

It is unlike in the past when it was about the traditional careers, where nursing and teaching was for women and construction and Mining for men. Today, more and more women are joining male dominated careers and doing a pretty good job at it.

The construction industry has managed to get more women in top positions, exhibit A the Group Five CEO Cristine Teixeira is female. This should encourage more women that it is possible to take charge in an industry that was traditionally known as one for men.

Mining-jobsMany women fear taking on this challenge because they think they might be undermined or not listened to because they are women. But we need more women in senior and executive positions to get a balance in the workplace.

According to Grant Thornton statistics from last year, the number of women in senior positions in South Africa is not enough and has been stagnant for the past six years. The stats revealed that decision making roles are not filled by women, especially as government has planned that 50% of the senior positions will be filled by women.

However, it is difficult for some women to take up senior positions because the job is demanding and often the working hours are not so flexible to allow for mothers and wives to make it home and tend to their families.

For companies to be more appealing to women, they need to provide more flexible hours, offer additional programs and incentives that will attract more women.

But the good news is, local businesses have set out a plan to hire more women in senior positions this year. 32% organisations in South Africa indicated an interest in hiring more women in senior positions.

Mining Engineering and construction have the lowest proportion in women in senior positions with only 19% each. Women need to be encouraged to join these sectors and consider taking on senior positions.


Why do we need more women in senior positions?

There needs to be diversity in the workplace, plus it would make for a better decision-making team. In many countries, having women in senior positions has already made a difference, for instance more women are becoming pilots in the airline industry.

It is also about economic growth, and right now in our country we need that. The rise in female employment has already made a huge difference in our country’s economy, now we just need more women to take on senior positions to boost the GDP.

But as much as there are jobs available for women, it is also up to the women to take on the opportunities. Ladies, take a chance.

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8 Responses

  1. Antoinette says:

    That’s very nice when they are looking for woman. I have a passion for mining and still can’t find a job at the mine. How sad!

  2. Pertunia says:

    Hi im Petunia in mpumalanga provice(0847079678) im 32 year old woman,im interested to join mining industry,i have competent “A” in mining and blasting assistanc both are recognised by MQA

  3. Princess says:

    Hi am z princess am from mpumalanga province am interested in mining since 3yrs ago nw am stl hunting for a mining answer

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Follow up with recruitment agencies once you have applied to hear what the status of your application is. If you don’t get feedback within 14 days, assume you did not get the job and move on to the next position you can apply for. You have to be pro-active. Hope you find employment soon!

  4. Patience says:

    kindly send me job alert for mining i real want work in the mining industry, it is challenging.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link (on your mobile phone). Then look for Jobs that you need at (on your cell phone) or (on your PC) and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier” “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via

  5. dinah says:

    im a 40yr old woman lookin 4 a job any job im single & prepared 2 wrk under pressure any position frm cleanin wrk my contact number is 0736575394

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thank you for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link: Then look for Jobs that you need at and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier”, “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via if you want to sign up for our weekly newsletters.

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