Boilermaker jobs in South Africa

Finding the right career can be challenging but we are here to help. Take a look at our boilermaker job description to learn more about this interesting career. From the expected boilermaker salary to the tasks that boilermakers are required to perform, we explore everything that you need to know about boilermaker jobs in South Africa.

What is a Boilermaker?

To start off let us answer the question, what is a boilermaker? A Boilermaker is a skilled professional that performs specialised welding. The core responsibility of employees in this role is to construct boilers and engines. They also build high-pressure vessels.

boilermaker on the job

A look at the Boilermaker job description

Before you decide whether this is the right career for you or not, it is important to know what tasks a boilermaker is expected to perform on a daily basis. Having an understanding of what the position entails can help you to develop the right skill set and get hired.

Boilermakers read plans and construct containers according to the specifications. Once the boiler is built they test it to see whether it is working efficiently. They are also expected to make and repair containers. Employees in this position use large metal sheets to build parts.

They clean and test boilers to make sure that the boiler is in good working condition. Another task that is associated with this position is reshaping skew pressure vessels.

welding done by a boilernaker

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Qualification needed to be a Boilermaker

Boilermaker jobs are highly skilled positions and it is important for professionals to have the right training as they are required to work in risky conditions and mistakes can be dangerous. Making or repairing high pressure vessels require great care. Working with vessels that contain chemicals or gasses is also risky.

The traits that are associated with success in this role include good interpersonal skills and the ability to pay attention to details. A boilermaker needs to be good at working with their hands. Mathematical and technical drawing capabilities are necessary for this role. The ability to work under challenging conditions is also required.

Now that you know more about what you need to succeed in this role, let us take a look at the training that is required. There are various learning pathways that result in eligibility to apply for boilermaker vacancies. You can choose to complete training at an FET college followed by a learnership.

boilermaker jobs

Once you have completed Grade 9 you will be able to enrol for a NCV in Engineering and Related Design. You can then complete a learnership in your area of specialisation. Another option is to complete an apprenticeship.

During an apprenticeship you will learn the skills you need while working on the job. An apprenticeship offers you both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Apprenticeships are available in big companies.

The government also provides opportunities for apprenticeship positions. Once you have completed your apprenticeship you will need to pass a trade test. To be eligible for an apprenticeship you will typically be required to achieve over 60% for maths as well as science. You can also gain relevant skills at a University of Technology.

Boilermaker salary and career

Boilermaker jobs may also be advertised as boilermaker-welder or plater-boilermaker positions. As a qualified professional you can find employment in the heavy engineering industry. The working conditions of boilermakers depend on who their employers are.

welding tasks as a boilermaker

Positions for Boilermakers can be found in factories as well as power stations. Positions are also available on oil rigs. The skills are required in petrol refineries, chemical companies and on mines. The shipping industry also hires boilermakers.

Working conditions are typically challenging as professionals often work in cramped and hot spaces which are also noisy. According to PayScale the average boilermaker salary is around R85.91 an hour.

Experience in the industry can result in a slightly higher income. Skills that are associated with higher pay include Inert Gas (MIG) Welding as well as Plant Maintenance. Developing skills in Maintenance is also beneficial.

If becoming a boilermaker isn’t the right career for you, pipe fitter positions and automotive sheet metal workers are other viable options.

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Boilermaker jobs in South Africa
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Boilermaker jobs in South Africa
Finding the right career can be challenging. Take a look at our boilermaker job description to learn more about this interesting industry and career path.
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