What does a Draughtsman do?

Are you thinking about becoming a Draughtsman or woman? Whether you want to make a career change or you have just finished school, becoming a drafter is a great option. From Draughtsman courses to salary expectations, you can find out everything that you need to know from our blog. If you are looking for an interesting career, find Draughtsman jobs on Job Mail.

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What is a Draughtsman?

A Draughtsman, also known as a Draftsman, is responsible for transforming rough architectural sketches into comprehensive drawings. The ideas of engineers and architects are turned into detailed technical drawings by drafters.

These drawings are used during the construction of buildings as well as the production of products. These drawings are used to guide construction workers and manufacturers. These visual guidelines include the dimensions of the building or product as well as the material that is required.

Details of the procedures and processes are also included in the drawings. Professionals, such as surveyors, architects, and scientists, provide the specifications and calculations as a basis for the drafter’s drawings.

The tools, that a Draftsman or woman uses, include computers, handbooks, calculators and computer-aided drafting systems.

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Fields of specialisation for a Draughtsman

While a Draughtsman is required to prepare drawings, the variety of projects make specialisation necessary. A Draftsman can choose to specialise in aeronautical or geological drawings. An architectural specialisation requires the drafter to draw building plans.

Landscape, mining and marine specialisations are other possibilities. Town planning drafters include the details of sewerage systems and water supplies in their drawings. They may also be required to build models of their projects.

Drawing maps is a task that is associated with cartographical drafters. Civil engineering drawings show details for bridges, roads, and irrigation. In the context of mechanical engineering, drafters are tasked with sketching machines and engines.

While drafters can specialise in different industries, there are also distinctions made between employers within each industry. The three categories include tracers, detail Draughtsmen, and design Draftsmen.

Tracers work as assistants to Drafters and they are responsible for copying drawings. A Draughtsman is tasked with finalising drawings while a design Draftsman handles more complicated projects.

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Draughtsman job description and responsibilities

Drafters are responsible for creating drawings, analysing technical details and planning procedures. The details of their daily tasks depend on their specialisation. For example, an Architectural Draughter is responsible for assisting the Architect, researching fittings and visiting the construction site.

Draughtsman jobs are available at architectural firms and construction companies. Engineering firms also require the services of Drafters. Mining companies, municipalities, and machinery manufacturing companies offer employment opportunities for professionals in this field.

Draftsmen typically work in an office in comfortable conditions. However, travelling to work sites and the offices of other professionals is also required. Draftsmen usually work during regular business hours but overtime may be required when a project deadline draws closer. This position may require physical stamina for extended periods of standing.

Draughtsman courses and skills

Do you have what it takes to become a Draftsman? To be eligible for these types of jobs, you will need computer skills.

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Precision, determination, and patience are required for this role. The ability to pay attention to detail is important. Good vision and hand-eye coordination are beneficial if you want to pursue this career.

If you think you have what it takes to succeed, you can enrol in Draftsman courses. While each education institute has their own requirements, you will generally need a National Senior Certificate to gain entrance to diploma courses. School subjects should include mathematics and physical science.

Engineering and graphic design are other school subjects which will provide you with skills that are applicable to this career.

A Draughtsman diploma consists of 18 months of academic training and 18 months of practical training. One option is to complete Architectural Technology diploma at Durban University of Technology or Tshwane University of Technology.

A Cartography diploma is available from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal offers a Surveying qualification. You can study Mine Surveying through UNISA.

The average annual income for a Draftsman or woman is R165 850 per year. Professionals with Microstation skills have a higher earning potential. Experience has a big impact on a Drafter’s salary.

Now that you know more about what a Draughtsman is and what they do, you can decide whether this is the right career for you or not. While Drafters may be expected to work overtime, this position provides good job satisfaction.

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What does a Draughtsman do?
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What does a Draughtsman do?
A Draughtsman, also known as a Draftsman, is responsible for transforming rough architectural sketches into comprehensive drawings.
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    I have tried to hire a draughtsman who can draw up plans, 10 years ago I hired a guy who’s plans were passed no problem but the draughtsmen I have tried to hie do not do roof construction? I thought these guys were trained in all aspects of building and I think this is a rip off

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