Different types of opportunities within Warehouse jobs

Are you looking for Warehouse jobs? From Warehouse Manager positions to Shelf Filling roles, there is a wide range of employment opportunities in this industry. If you think you have what it takes to succeed in this industry, find Warehouse jobs on Job Mail.

Entry-level positions are a great starting point if you want to gain experience and develop your skills. Completing a learnership is a great way to advance your career.

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Warehouse Manager

A Warehouse Manager is responsible for overseeing storage and distribution operations. Employees in this role determine strategies and policies for their company with the aim of ensuring maximum efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

Once the manager has determined the best course of action to take, they implement the strategies and monitor the outcome. This position includes administrative tasks and budgeting responsibilities. It is important that the company’s resources are used effectively to optimise profits. The manager communicates with other departments within the company and liaises with clients.

An important part of this role is the selection of suppliers and negotiation of contracts. A manager plays a role in the hiring and training of new staff members. To succeed in this position, you will need good organisational, communication and interpersonal skills.

Mathematical capabilities are required. Senior level Warehouse jobs require extensive experience in the industry. A minimum requirement is a National Senior Certificate, and a Diploma in Logistics will increase your chances of being hired. UNISA and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offer relevant qualifications.

The work environment for this position is busy and fast-paced. This role may require working irregular business hours and overtime. The average salary for Warehouse Manager jobs in South Africa is R241 604 per annum.

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Warehouse Clerk

A Warehouse Clerk is responsible for completing administrative tasks for storage and distribution applications. They order supplies for the production department. Clerks check that orders are completed on time and according to the correct specifications.

If all the details are correct, they sign tally sheets which are then attached to the items that they have inspected. They check purchase orders against stock. Employees in this role are responsible for reviewing orders as well as organising the data which is used for production and delivery schedules.

They check the quality of the products before orders are dispatched. Clerks play a vital role in the receiving, storing and dispatching of goods. They are also responsible for communicating with clients to relay product information and prices. While each employer has their own requirements, Grade 12 is a typical prerequisite for this role.

A Warehouse clerk will generally receive additional training once they have been hired. This position requires supervisory responsibilities which means that previous experience in the industry is usually required when applying for clerk Warehouse jobs.

To increase your chances of being hired, you can enrol for a National Certificate in Transport and Logistics. Completing a learnership is another option. You may choose to complete a Learnership in Freight Handling or Wholesale and Retail Operations. Another option is Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision.

A Diploma in Logistics is also beneficial. Once you have obtained experience as a clerk, you can consider applying for Warehouse Manager jobs. According to Payscale the average salary for a Warehouse clerk in South Africa is R 88 839 per year.

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Shelf Filler

A shelf filler is responsible for packing shelves and displays in retail outlets. They restock the shelves as required. They rotate products so that the items with earlier use-by dates are in easy reach. An important part of a shelf filler’s role is checking the shelves for products that have passed their sell-by dates and removing these items.

Employees in this role are expected to keep the shelves neat and tidy. This involves reordering the shelves when a customer places products in the wrong place. Shelf fillers help customers to find the products that they are looking for.

Shelf fillers work after hours to get the store organised for the following day. In smaller shops, shelf fillers may also work as cashiers. Employers typically offer on-the-job training for this position. If you want to accelerate your career, you can apply for a Learnership in Wholesale and Retail Store Operations.

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Another suitable option is to enrol in a Learnership in Hotel and Retail Distribution. This is an entry level position which gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and experience. Once you have gained the right experience and training you can apply for higher level positions as well as other Warehouse jobs.

With a wide range of Warehouse jobs advertised on Job Mail, there is a position to suit a variety of skills sets and experience levels. If you work hard and complete additional training, you can work your way up from a clerk role to a managerial position.

Different types of opportunities within Warehouse jobs
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Different types of opportunities within Warehouse jobs
Are you looking for Warehouse jobs? From Warehouse Manager positions to Shelf Filling roles, there is a wide range of employment opportunities.
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    Would love to work in retail, good industry, comes with good experience

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  6. I am a self motivated person with a can do attitude, who strive to achieve a very high standard in whatever is undertaken. I am interested in warehouse clerk, if no permanent position for me at the moment, a learneship can do.

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    Hi I am experienced man of 43 years old.my experiences are in picking and filling.

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    Im a hard work person self motivated

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    Hello. I am interested. I don’t have experience in retail but would love the opportunity. I could do well in being a shelf filler.

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    Hi, I’m Thandokazi Mnqwazi. I’m interested, I have a national Diploma in Transportation Management. Currently enroling for BTech part-time at University of Johannesburg.

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    His I would love warehouse jobs since I have a diploma in stores management and stock control and a partial pass of some subjects in purchasing and material management ,but the problem now is I have never got a proper Chance of training in my courses coz of back ground life and political and economical instabilities in my country now I am here in south Africa I see opportunities like this but no experience ,in computers because our country we were using old school using pen and paper ,at 40 I am loosing hope in that career because I of no experience .give me advice or work so that I will get experience.

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    Hi am interested , I have passed grade 11 and I have computer certificate

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    I’m Paul and looking for employment at as a warehousing operations,receiving clerk and forklift driver.I studied Retail & Warehouse Distribution & Supply Chain mngmt.

  21. Paulus Bodiba says:

    I’m Paul and looking for employment at as a warehousing operations,receiving clerk and forklift driver.I studied Retail & Warehouse Distribution & Supply Chain mngmt.I worked at Nissan SA as Team Leader warehouse & production supply.

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    Thank you for the insight your articles give about all the jobs and their description. Its really interesting to know not only what the job entails but also institutions that can help you get established. Keep it up, its thumbs up all the way!!!!!!!

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    I worked for years at game warehouse for a period four years at the receiving bay at Rustenburg Game warehouse,I was doing despatching also but now due to my qualification a qualify to work as warehouse clerk.

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    i’m mandla mnisi im looking for a job i have five years experience on driving a rich track

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    am siyabonga mncwabe I looking to get an employment at any werehouse around Pietermaritzburg as a admin assistant ,clerk ,receiving clerk or code10 driver

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    I’m interested.. Worked as an Inventory Clerk at Shoprite DC for a year in 2010.

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    My name is Vusi and am working as General worker and I have 10yrs experience but I have certificate of stock controller and keeping but am processing to the supervising but still need more information about warehousing supervision

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