Tell Us Your Job Interview Funnies

The sweats set-in, then the butterflies’ take-over and finally you are like a rambling nerve ball. Any of these symptoms sound familiar? Some of them might be contenders for Job Interview Funnies…

Most of us get really nervous before we go for a job interview and some of us have a few interview fiascos to share.

Like the time you woke-up two hours before the interview to make sure you would be on time, but as you step put the front door you stand on your dog’s freshly laid poop. You rush inside to clean your shoes and your button pops off your shirt so you have to change. Good news is, you are still on time, and then your mom phones to remind you about all the things you should say. You listen patiently and realise you are on the wrong highway and end up arriving 30 minutes late. You are flustered, anxious and nervous! The job interview is a huge flop because all you smell is the remaining dog poop on your shoe. Later that evening, the interview is the reason you and your friends are on the floor laughing until your ribs hurt.

We ask that read some of the below interview flops so you can reassure yourself that you are not the only one out there who has had a horrible interview. The good thing is that we all face difficult days and challenging job interview situations but after the entire situation is finished is it not good to know that we can share these circumstances with each other and laugh about it.

The Job Interview funny:

I once was overly prepared for an interview, was confident and felt good about attending. As I drove to my Admin Job interview I did not see an oncoming light-weight truck had skipped the traffic light. The truck was carrying flour to be delivered to a local wholesaler. Within minutes the entire street was covered in flour. This included my face and clothing. I still went for the interview, which went well because my interviewer admired the fact that I came in despite looking like a ghost.

Moral of the story – Out of bad situations goods things can arise.

Another Job Interview Funny:

I had to attend a practical interview to display my welding job experience. Despite feeling a bit nervous; I was confident in my ability. After meeting the head of furniture design, I was taken to a workshop. They instructed me top weld 3 pieces of wrought iron. As I began welding my hand resting on a chair slipped and before I knew it; I lit the interviewers writing file. The entire room stopped what they were doing and watched the plastic file filled with notes burst into flames. I did not get the job, but I still have a good laugh at that terrible day.

Moral of the story- Sometimes bad situations cheer us up and remind us to be more careful!

Does your job interview funny beat the above scenarios? If so, please don’t be shy to share your very own story with us! Please share your Funny Interview Story on our comment stream below or on our Facebook page, we can all learn and laugh about your past experiences together. Without those experiences you would have not learnt valuable lessons that will prepare you for job interviews in the future.

If you have any special requests for other posts in the future please leave your comments below and we will give you the tips and solutions you need to address your job hunting predicaments.

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