How and where to apply for Nursing jobs in South Africa

There is a severe shortage of nurses in South Africa. There just aren’t enough nurses to attend to the many people that fall ill on a daily basis.

A study done by a Wits Centre for Public Health Enterprise found that just under 3766 nurses often felt too exhausted to work during the day because they had to work overtime the day before. And we know what being assisted by an exhausted, over-worked nurse could mean, there will be a lot of mistakes which affects the wellbeing of many patients.

That is unfortunately the reality currently in South Africa, there are many positions available, but not a lot of people applying for them.

To apply for Nursing jobs, visit the Job Mail website for Nursing Vacancies in South Africa.

To be considered for a job as a Nurse in South Africa, you need to meet the following requirements as per the South African National Council (SANC):

Study to become a Nurse at one of the approved universities and colleges in South Africa. Some of the universities and colleges include:

You have to ensure that the institution that provides you with Nursing education and practical training is accredited by the SANC. The SANC also enrols and registers Nurses to ensure that the public receives health care of good standing.

It is only until you have been registered with the SANC that you can be considered a registered practitioner in South Africa.

Why be a Nurse in South Africa?


Nursing is an amazing field to work in. You get a chance to save lives and sometimes bring a life into the world. Sometimes, nurses work in clinics without doctor supervision, so you are the soul and heart of any hospital or clinic. You also get to meet a lot of people, get emotionally attached, so you have to have a caring heart.

You get the chance to perform a physical exam on people, certain tests and procedures; basically, you become the knowledge base for people who have questions about their health.

Nursing jobs in South Africa are only waiting to be filled, so if you are qualified, do your bit and apply now because your country needs you.

According to, the salary for a Nursing Associate Professional with 15 years’ experience is over R20000 a month. With the right experience and the right qualification you can become a Nurse in South Africa and start saving lives.

Browse or visit the Job Mail website for Nursing jobs or other ideal jobs in South Africa.

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21 Responses

  1. Nomzamo says:

    I remember during my practicals there would be +-45 patients in a ward with only 5 nurses on duty. With the help of student nurses we managed to pull through and deliver services needed by patients but you would think with such a high shortage of nurses, there would be hundreds of vacancies but nope. We are still unemployed and the skills that we have learnt are being wasted.

  2. thandi says:

    I like nursing but I don’t have training

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Considering doing a nursing course then. There are multiple institutions offering nursing courses in South Africa.

  3. catherine says:

    Would like to be trained as a nurse

  4. lindelwe says:

    I am a qualified nurse with SANC since 2012 after graduation I’m still seeking for a job please help

  5. Grace says:

    I love nursing can you please help find college

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Grace – Google is your friend, search for “Nursing Colleges in South Africa”.

  6. bee says:

    I would love to work as a nurse in SA,just don’t know how

    • praveena s says:

      i am a final year bsc nursing student.i love my profession and i am always love to provide care to my patients .now i would like to get a job and i am very confused to choose the working place. i just want to involve in my nursing profession as a good care giver. and so frankly i am saying that proud to be a nurse.

  7. Nomfundo says:

    I do love nursing bt i dnt know where to start

  8. velry says:

    I am a qualified auxiliary nurse looking for a job

  9. Jessica says:

    I love nursing. I grad. On it But not yet a RN. How can i fit into it. I like to work in SA.hope u can guide me

  10. Kathrine says:

    I see you also have a severe nursing shortage. I would love to work in SA.

  11. Letlhogonolo says:

    Please help me to apply for Nursing

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