Soweto Career Expo 2012

The Soweto Career Expo 2012 was hosted by Careers Inc and DMMA . The event took place on the 17th of May 2012 at the Orlando Community hall in Soweto.

The event was targeted at pupils in all grades at school level, with priority for grades 11 and 12 and most importantly unemployed youth and out of school to lay a foundation for career development. It was the fifth annual edition of this event this year.

The Junk Mail Publishing Managing Director, Felix Erken, was asked to be a speaker at this event due to his inspiring and interactive method of sharing his passions. Felix focused on introducing the youth about a career in the Digital Market and to Junk Mail Publishing (not forgetting about Job Mail). He covered various important keynotes like, what are the career prospects in the digital world and what they should know about the future of their careers.

The Soweto Careers Expo 2012 managed to promote our industry while at the same time giving more than 500 learners hope and direction for their future.

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