Explore earth as a Geologist

Have you got what it takes to become a Geologist? Geology jobs involve collecting and analysing samples from the earth and, depending on your interests, you could choose to enter the field of environmental or engineering geology. You may decide to work in private practice or find government jobs. Read our blog to discover more about what the career of a Geologist entails then look for jobs on Job Mail.

Geology Jobs

What is a Geologist?

Geology involves examining the components that make up the earth as well as learning more about its structure. The earth’s history is also of interest to Geologists. Geology jobs involve finding and collecting samples by drilling into the earth and these samples are then analysed in a laboratory. Once the geologist has completed their investigation, they compile a report about their findings. Geologists also play a role in discovering mineral deposits and can use their findings to predict earthquakes. These professionals can be employed to review whether a section of land is suitable for building or not. Career choices include engineering geology and environmental geology.

Geology Jobs

Duties and responsibilities

Tasks that professionals working in environmental geology can expect to perform include measuring gravity as well as magnetic fields. They use seismographs and gravimeters to perform these tasks. Useful tools include torsion balances as well as magnetometers. Other duties involve the testing of industrial diamonds. They can also expect to test soil and rocks to learn more about their characteristics. In these instances, Geologists are required to use x-ray and precision instruments. In the construction industry, Geologists are tasked with examining different materials with the aim of assessing possible uses for the material. They need to use applied software to analyse the data that they have collected.

Geology Jobs

Requirements and skills

In order to become a Geologist, you’ll need a senior certificate and a matric exemption so that you can complete a relevant degree. Mathematics, as well as Physical Science, are subjects that are required to pursue this career. It’s beneficial to take Biology and Geology as school subjects, and studying Economics at school is also advantageous if you want to pursue a career as a Geologist. To succeed as a geologist, you’ll need to be observant and logically minded. Excellent problem-solving capabilities are also required. Geologists need good interpersonal and communication capabilities in order to carry out their duties. The ability to adapt to new situations is essential to this role. A passion for nature, reliability, and flexibility are important. General management studies are useful if you want to advance your career. It’s also beneficial to further your studies in related fields. Your work performance, as well as your experience, will affect your work opportunities. Giving presentations and publishing articles plays an important role in career advancement.

Geology Jobs

Employment opportunities

Geologists can find government jobs at both a national and provincial level. They can also find employment in local councils and government educational institutes. They can find work in water affairs as well as in museums. Vacancies are available in large corporations as well as in smaller companies. While self-employment opportunities are moderate in this field, Geologists can work as contractors or they can open their own practice. The Geological Society of South Africa is an important organisation to be aware of if you choose to pursue this career.

From the opportunity to learn new things to finding employment in government, there are plenty of reasons to consider looking for geology jobs. This career is interesting as it requires you to resolve intellectual challenges. If you enjoy working with technology, geology is a great career for you.

Engineering and environmental geology play a vital role in a range of industries. Now that you know more about this career, you can look for geology jobs on Job Mail.

Explore earth as a Geologist | Job Mail Blog
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Explore earth as a Geologist | Job Mail Blog
Have you got what it takes to become a Geologist? From the opportunity to learn new things to finding employment in government, there are plenty of reasons to consider looking for geology jobs. This career is interesting and challenging. If you enjoy working with technology - geology is a great career for you.
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