Production Manager jobs in Manufacturing

Interested to start your career with production manager jobs in manufacturing? With the vital role that manufacturing plays in the South African economy, this is a good industry to get involved in.

As a senior level position, there are many advantages to being hired as a production manager. Not only will you earn a good income, you will also play a vital role in the success of the company. With the right skills and experience, you can get started on building your career in this field.

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing involves using labour, machines and tools to transform raw materials into useful products.

what is manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry final products are produced on a large scale. The finished products may be sold to other manufacturers to form part of their merchandise or to retailers.

The manufacturing industry is related to engineering. Industrial design also plays a vital role in manufacturing. The South African manufacturing sector plays a role in the global economy.

The key industries in South African manufacturing include agriprocessing, automotive, chemicals, electronics, metals and clothing.

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Production Manager Job Description

Production manager jobs involve the organisation and direction of the manufacturing process within a company. The production manager, also known as an operations manager, oversees the material and human resources which are used in the manufacturing process.

production manager jobs

An important duty which is associated with this role is liaising with other managers within the company with regards to production. They are responsible for overseeing the production process to ensure that it is completed efficient.

Production managers are required to ensure that products meet the company’s quality standards. They plan maintenance and make sure that labourers have the tools that they need to complete their tasks. They also determine operating hours.

These positions within manufacturing jobs include administrative tasks such as compiling reports. It is important for employees in this role to uphold health and safety standards.

Production planning involves determining and implementing production strategies. It is vital that they monitor these strategies and adjust them where necessary to achieve maximum efficiency. Budgeting makes up part of this role. This includes monitoring costs and making adjustments to achieve the best value-for-money.

Part of dealing with financials of the production process involves obtaining quotes from suppliers. A production or operations manager is also responsible for hiring and training staff as is required. They also oversee the purchasing and installation of new equipment that is required during production.

production and production planning

Production Manager Requirements

As this is a senior level position, you will need extensive experience to be eligible for a position as an operations or production manager.

Prospective employers may look for candidates with qualifications which are specific to the industry that they are operating in. One option is to complete a Diploma in Manufacturing. To be eligible for this qualification you will need a National Senior Certificate.

While this is a general requirement, it is important to check the specifications of the educational institute that you plan to study at. Another option is to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Manufacturing.

According to Payscale the annual average salary for a production or operations manager is R 354 386.

Production Supervisor Jobs

Production supervisors are required to organise and oversee manufacturing processes. Tasks that are associated with this role include aspects of production planning. They help to select and train workers. Employees in this position assess production output and monitor expenses.


Production Supervisors can find employment in a range of industries such as chemical and automotive industries. To find employment in this role you will need industry specific qualifications and experience. Leadership and communication skills are required for this role. Production supervisors need good financial skills as well as organisational capabilities.

Production Coordinator

Production coordinators are responsible for ensuring that work flows effectively between the departments of a company. Another core responsibility of this position is developing production schedules, a part of production planning.

During the development of these schedules they need to take the customer’s requirements into account as well as the production capacity. Production coordinators determine the quantities and types of raw materials that are required to meet production goals.

Once the required raw materials have been determined, they ensure that these materials are available in the right quantities at the right time. Employees in this position are expected to arrange deliveries and follow up on delays. Maintaining records is an important part of these types of manufacturing jobs.


A Production Technology qualification is required for this position. Another option is to obtain a Diploma in Production Technology.

If you would like to work yourself up to the level of production manager, it is advisable to start cultivating your leadership and communication skills if you want to be hired as a manager.

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Production Manager jobs in Manufacturing
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Production Manager jobs in Manufacturing
Interested to start a career with production manager jobs in manufacturing? With the vital role that manufacturing plays, this is a good industry.
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