How to apply for a job on Job Mail

We have made some changes to our application process. If you are looking for a job through Job Mail, here’s some need-to-know info on how to apply for a job:

How to apply on Web

1. Go to

Browse or search for the specific job advert that you wish to apply for.

2. Click on “read more” on the job advert

You will now see further details regarding the job that’s being advertised.


3. If you are already registered

You will see a Login screen next. Complete your details and click Login.


4. Make sure you are happy with your application

Next you will see the subject line and cover letter to your application. At this stage you can still change it if you like.

5. Complete your application

Finally, click on “Complete Application”. You will see a “success” message meaning the employer will now receive your application.


6. If you are not registered

Click on Register next to the Login button. You will see a pop up registration form on your screen. Complete it and click on “Submit”.


You will now be registered on Job Mail and your application will also be sent through to the employer.

How to apply on Mobile

1. Go to or

Search or browse for a job advert you wish to apply for.

2. Click on the heading of the ad to view the details of the job


3. Click on Login if you are registered.


4. Complete your Login details and click “Submit”


5. Make sure you are happy with your application

You will see the subject line for the application as well as your Cover Letter. You can modify this if you like.

6. Click “Submit”

You will see a success message next. This means your application has gone through to the employer.


Before applying for jobs on Job Mail, make sure your CV is up-to-date and complete. Click here to complete it. Good luck with all your applications!

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12 Responses

  1. mandla skosana says:

    Hi great team i always used to post my application via a job mail and i do receive a comfermation messege saying it my post job has submited….but suddenly i dnt get any respond from any company now i do wonder if this thing of uploading c.v via an job mail it does works or what.

    anyway keep up a good job i like it.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Mandla – If you don’t get a response, follow up with recruiter / company. If you don’t get any feedback in 14 days you can assume that you did not get the job

  2. daniel says:

    This is confusing I do not understand may someone please make it more clear to my level of understanding

  3. zimkhona says:

    hi guys i agree with mandla i also wonder if this thing of uploading c.v via job mail does work?


  4. tumishang mphahlele says:

    every time i try to log in it tells me i have incorrect or invalid login,yet if i try to register it tell me my details hv already been registered and when i try to reset my password it always says it has expired..please help because its confusing nd because of that i cant apply for jobs

  5. Martin says:

    Every time I try to log in it tells me I have incorrect or invalid login, yet if I try to register it tells me my details have already been registered and when I try to reset my password it always says it has expired. Please help because its confusing and because of that I cant apply for jobs

  6. Matshediso says:

    This morning I retyped my cover letter coz I was applying for a different job, I even clicked on “complete application” but when I got the confimation email I then realise that the cover letter hasn’t changed. How is that possible?

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