Want to get a postgraduate diploma in e-Skills?

The University of the Western Cape is offering an exciting new postgraduate diploma in e-Skills. With the rapid advancement in technology, educational institutes are at the forefront of equipping South Africans with the skills they need to meet the new demands of the job market. If you’re considering a career in the field of technology, e-Skills is a valuable asset that can help you to succeed.

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UWC e-Skills Postgraduate Diploma overview

The University of the Western Cape is breaking new grounds with the launch of its e-Skills Postgraduate Diploma. This accredited qualification includes an augmented reality component while another important aspect of this qualification is its training in virtual reality. The e-Skills diploma is the outcome of a collaboration between the university and EON Reality, a renowned immersive technology company. The core aim of this program is to promote 3-dimensional learning across a wide variety of disciplines.

The e-Skills qualification falls under the educational institute’s Computer Science in Information Systems Department. The introduction of this postgraduate diploma is significant as it provides enhanced learning that needs AR/VR technologies to take place. Research shows that an immersive environment promotes learning. While earning the e-Skills qualification, students will gain an understanding of how to create technology that is required for immersive platforms.

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What is the role of AR/VR technology?

With the rapid advancements in technology, universities are being called to train students in the skills that they need to fulfil the new technology-based positions that are becoming an integral part of the job market. Local research revealed that a wide range of organisations are incorporating AR and VR into their business plans with the aim of enhancing productivity. From the mining and construction industry to the IT software and education sector, AR/VR has a role to play across a diverse range of sectors. The retail and engineering sectors will also benefit from the use of this technology. The importance of these skills makes it vital for local educational institutes to offer AR and VR training to South African students.

Postgraduate Diploma In E-skills | Job Mail

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How does the e-Skills Postgraduate Diploma compare to international qualifications?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems in e-Skills Development incorporates content and research components that match the standards of international qualifications. When compared to similar qualifications in the USA and China, the local program has the advantage of incorporating an e-Skills component. A noteworthy point is that similar qualifications in India don’t include e-Skills in their training, which makes the UWC diploma stand out.

The UWC qualification can be compared to the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, which is offered by the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland. The one-year course has theoretical and practical components that focus on IT applications and e-Skills in particular. Similarly, the Open University in the United Kingdom offers an e-Skills Professional program, which includes six teaching modules as well as a portfolio assessment. The local postgraduate diploma compares favourably with these two international qualifications.

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Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of e-Skills, you can consider enrolling for UWC’s post-graduate diploma. If you’re interested in technology, this may be the right career for you. Already qualified? Visit Job Mail today and find the perfect job for you.

Want to get a postgraduate diploma in e-Skills?
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Want to get a postgraduate diploma in e-Skills?
The University of the Western Cape is offering an exciting new postgraduate diploma in e-Skills. If you’re interested in technology, this might be for you.
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