Legal Advisor Jobs

Legal Advisor jobs offer rewarding and lucrative careers. Knowing what the job entails and the educational requirements is the first step to finding your dream job. If you have the necessary skills, you can look for junior legal advisor vacancies. Once you have gained the necessary experience you can move on to senior positions.


Job seekers can find positions in corporations, government offices or with private clients. They usually work in an office and they may be required to visit different companies.


Legal advisors are hired to provide companies with legal counsel. Legal advisors are usually lawyers who have chosen to specialize in a certain field. They use their specialized knowledge to give their clients advice that protects the company from legal disputes. After a legal altercation advisors are used to formulate action plans. They can also function as a mediator. Legal Advisors offer guidance with regards to contracts and they can also have an impact on corporate management.

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Research is an important part of this position as the advisor must have extensive knowledge of the laws that pertain to their client’s predicament. Research also involves reviewing past cases which relate to the client’s case. Legal advisors are responsible for overseeing the company’s legal resources. They peruse the company’s legal documents to ensure that they have been written properly.


Legal Advisors are often qualified as an attorney or advocate and a LLB degree is required by employees. Outstanding analytical skills are required for this position and excellent communication skills are also essential. Legal advisors must have superior decision making, time management and organizational skills.


If you want to find a job as a Legal Advisor, you must be dedicated to your profession with a passion for your job. In order to be hired by a company it is important to have the right qualifications. Be sure to browse for all available legal job vacancies in South Africa.

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