Marketing Jobs in South Africa

Are you creative and career driven? Then Marketing is a great opportunity to use your skills and show off your talents. Marketing jobs in South Africa offer exciting and lucrative career opportunities.


What is Marketing?


Marketing professionals are an essential part of every company as marketers increase profits by implementing advertising strategies. Within each industry there is an increase in competition which makes marketing vital for the success of a company. Marketing creates brand awareness and ensures that the company’s products are visible to customers. A competent marketing team offers an excellent return on investment. With so many benefits to marketing, there is a high demand for talented marketing professionals in South Africa and internationally. Online strategies are crucial to a company’s success and the need for an online presence has created numerous digital marketing jobs.

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Marketing positions require employees to formulate strategies to increase product sales. Employees may be required to work long hours and put in overtime to reach the company’s goals. Although the job can be demanding, marketing positions can be extremely rewarding. Applicants for marketing jobs must be able to multi-task and organizational skills are also a requirement.


Duties vary according to the job title and the company’s needs. Responsibilities include researching, planning and implementing advertising strategies. Marketing professionals are required to choose the most suitable media platform to advertise the company’s products. Duties may include liaising with clients and negotiating contracts. Managers oversee staff members to ensure that they are performing their jobs efficiently in order to meet deadlines.

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Entry level positions include Media Buyer jobs. A core responsibility of this position is buying advertising time or space. Public Relationship Assistants help achieve marketing goals through a variety of mediums such as press releases and social events. Experienced professionals can apply for Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing Managerial positions. Sales Managers oversee a sales team. The manager defines the sales goals and implements strategies to increase product sales.


Tertiary education is usually required for marketing positions and a bachelor’s degree is beneficial when applying for jobs. If you are applying for managerial positions, additional qualifications and extensive experience will increase your chances of being hired.

Are you looking for a marketing vacancy to apply for? Browse for marketing and other job vacancies across South Africa.


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