Job searching tips for 2019

Are you looking for a new job? In challenging economic times, job searching is tough. But don’t despair, we have some great tips for you. Your dream position may be just around the corner, so get started by looking for vacancies on Job Mail.

Job Searching Made Easy On Job Mail

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Here are the 9 job searching tips you need to know for 2019:

1. Know what you’re looking for

Before you start job searching, have a clear idea of what position you’re looking for. Take your strengths and weaknesses into account and know what type of work you enjoy doing. You’ll also need to consider the different aspects of your career that are important to you, such as your salary, job security, daily duties, company culture, office location, etc.

2. Research different companies

Once you know what type of position you’re looking for, start researching different companies and compile a list of potential employers. You can then carry out more research into each company by looking at their website, doing a general search for them online, or having a look at their social platforms. This will give you an idea of their values, mission, company culture, and the company’s future.

3. Tailor your CV and cover letter to the different jobs you are applying for

Job searching is going to prove futile without a CV that stands out from the crowd. Make sure that you put effort into compiling a professional CV that highlights your achievements. Your CV and cover letter should be tailored to the job you are applying for. If your CV and cover letter isn’t up to scratch, have a look at our guide to creating a good CV and cover letter or you can always use the services of someone who specialises in creating top-quality CVs.

Tailor Your CV To Each Job Application | Job Mail

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4. Be organised and keep track of applications

Having a strategy when you’re looking for employment is helpful. You can stay organised by creating a spreadsheet of the jobs you’ve applied for. You can also save job listings that you intend to apply for as well as the ones you’ve already applied for.

5. Sign up for job alerts

Make use of job alerts via email when job searching. Job alerts allow you to stay up to date with the latest jobs advertised according to your criteria, which enables you to take action as soon as the job opportunity becomes available. Click here to set up job alerts on Job Mail right now.

6. Keep your social media profiles “clean”

Make sure that your social media profiles represent your best self, as prospective employers may have a look at your accounts to see what you’re all about. Vulgar language and compromising/explicit images can negatively influence your chances of getting hired.

Keep Your Social Media Profiles Clean | Job Searching | Job Mail

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7. Send a thank you email after your interview

If you’ve gone for an interview, send a personalised thank you email afterwards expressing how grateful you are that they’ve taken the time to meet with you.

8. Stay motivated

Job searching can be discouraging as you may send in numerous applications without getting a response. While you may be feeling anxious and hopeless after rejected applications, the important thing is to never give up. Cultivating a positive attitude and talking to supportive friends and family can help you stay motivated while you’re looking for work.

9. Networking is important

While online networking is great for job searching, don’t forget to network in person too. Get in touch with the people who know you to find out if they are aware of any suitable employment opportunities. Social gatherings are another chance to network in person while you’re in a more relaxed environment.

Networking Is Important When Job Searching | Job Mail

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Now that you’ve read our tips, you can get your job searching off to a good start. Take a look at the vacancies on Job Mail to get an idea of what job opportunities are out there.

Job searching tips for 2019
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Job searching tips for 2019
Are you looking for a new job? In challenging economic times, job searching is tough. But don’t despair, we have some great tips for you...
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