Job Mail Survey: Navigating recruitment through lockdown & beyond

COVID-19 and the lockdown are having a huge and likely long-lasting impact on the recruitment industry, potentially changing it forever. We decided to conduct a survey to better understand the impact it’s having so that we will be able to effectively assist businesses and help them recover in the months to come.

View the survey results below.

1. Are you currently advertising vacancies on behalf of clients?

Lockdown Survey Question 1 | Job Mail

2. How many vacancies do you need to fill?

Lockdown Survey Question 2 | Job Mail

3. Which of the following job sectors do you currently serve?

Lockdown Survey Question 3 | Job Mail

4. How are you currently communicating with or interviewing applicants?

Lockdown Survey Question 4 | Job Mail

5. Will video interviews play a bigger part in recruitment going forward?

Lockdown Survey Question 5 | Job Mail

6. What measures are you putting in place to make your business survive the lockdown and post-lockdown period?

Lockdown Survey Question 6 | Job Mail

7. What would you need from your marketing at this time?

Lockdown Survey Question 7 | Job Mail

8. What channels do you use for recruitment?

Lockdown Survey Question 8 | Job Mail

9. Do you know about the Job Mail offerings for your business?

Lockdown Survey Question 9 | Job Mail

10. Would you be interested in growing your client base through doing targeted campaigns to businesses that use our websites?

Lockdown Survey Question 10 | Job Mail

Survey summary:

  • It’s clear that even during lockdown, vacancies still need to be filled.
  • The majority of responders communicate with or interview applicants on email, WhatsApp, voice calls, and video calls.
  • The majority of responders also agree that video interviews will play a big part in recruitment going forward.
  • They also agree that more target marketing would help during this time.

How Job Mail can help your business:

Job Mail is a FREE job portal that offers not only an opportunity for businesses and recruitment agencies to advertise vacancies on our platform but also offers targeted online marketing services at an affordable price.

With Job Mail, you have access to everything from Facebook and Google marketing to SMS, WhatsApp, and email marketing, banner advertising, promoted adverts and many more.

For more information on how we can help your business, call 086 999 0222 or email

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Job Mail Survey: Navigating recruitment through lockdown & beyond
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Job Mail Survey: Navigating recruitment through lockdown & beyond
We conducted a survey to better understand the impact COVID-19 and the lockdown have had on the recruitment sector and how we can effectively assist...
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